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Food is a big part of anyone's daily life and that doesn't change when you’re traveling the USA in your camper. The way you deal with that food might change a little though. Sometimes you need a bit of a fun food week though. Normally we're very frugal with our food budget. We literally eat PB&J almost every day for lunch which keeps our costs down. Recently we've been traveling pretty quickly and since we were in the Utah National Parks keeping up with food has been interesting. Basically we were getting low on everything and frankly buying groceries near the parks is very pricey.So I was truly happy when finally stopped at a Wal-Mart on our way to Lake Mead and were able to stock up. It's always so nice to have a full pantry.

Living this way you need to keep things stocked up, but at the same time you have to keep in mind that you have limited space and weight allowances.

I think we're adjusting and I actually enjoy cooking in the camper. Although we do a lot of food on our own this week has been a treat in many ways.

We don't like to travel too far in one day, we travel slow to save on gas and to enjoy the actual journey so when we left Bryce Canyon we decided to Casino camp when we got to Nevada. We saw a billboard advertising a prime rib dinner for only $7.99 and we couldn't resist. It was actually fun to just wander around a casino and camp in their parking lot after a very nice and special dinner.

Once we got to Lake Mead we took it a step further and treated ourselves to a DQ Blizzard. I had to have pumpkin pie since it's October which is also my birthday month.So as you can see food is something we think about carefully while on the road.Leaving Lake Mead we headed to the Grand Canyon but due to weather issues didn't stay long. After that it got a little easier to keep the pantry filled. Sometimes finding the things you are familiar with or used to having is another challenge of life on the road.

Then again trying new things is always exciting. One of our weaknesses is the humble doughnut. We find ourselves pulling in to a cute little bakery along the way on a regular basis and grabbing a doughnut each. We've even tried 'spud-nuts' which are doughnuts made with potato flour, t​​hey were tasty by the way. Over all cooking and eating as you roll across the USA in a camper is the same as being at home.

I enjoy cooking in my little oven and it's always nice to through a few hotdogs on the grill. I will confess though that sometimes when I'm really chugging along on a book I'd just as soon not stop to cook or eat. It's all about finding what works for you in this department. Now that we've made it into the South West I'm looking forward to some good Tex-Mex food as well. Taco Tuesday move over I'm going to Texas.

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