Love Letters & Home

Successful, ambitious, and vivacious, Philomena knows just what to do when confronted with a new challenge. Inheriting her ancestral homestead seems like a dream come true but she is unprepared for the changes it will bring not only her life and her heart?
Chase Haven swore he'd never return to Wyoming, but when his oldest friend asks for his help, offering him a chance to rebuild his families fortune along the way, he can't say no.
The Broken J Ranch has seen better days but a twist of fate may give it a new lease on life. Can a heritage of love, truth and faith bring wondering hearts home?


Heartstruck and Heavnsent

Madison McCartney has a secret that will make her parents hate her.
No one will hurt her if she closes herself off from everyone. It isn’t her fault if those she trusted let her down. When her three closest online friends rope her into going on a writer’s retreat at the Broken J ranch in Wyoming, she grits her teeth and hopes the week will fly by. Until a quiet wrangler finds her hiding in the stable and her silent world suddenly seems far too tame for her own good.
Randal Kent watches the leggy red-head as she arrives at the Broken J and he can feel his
life changing before his eyes. Just maybe he’d take a chance. After all this time, had he finally found someone who wouldn’t push him to be like everyone else?
When Randal finds out what’s holding Madison back, will it be more than the miles between them that keeps them apart?

Dreams of Sweetwater River

On the outside, Jill Michaels seems to have it all together. She is a successful New York columnist and travel critic. When she isn’t writing the next book or column from her west side Manhattan office, she’s a single mother to three beautiful children. On the inside, her faith completely shattered when a routine mission in Afghanistan claimed the life of her husband.
When she decides to move back to Wyoming to be near family, the last thing she expects to find is a second chance at love when Logan Haven walks back into her life. Logan has been building his dream of transforming his father’s property into a dude ranch resort, The Sweetwater. He’s grown up, handsome, successful, and has it all together.
There’s just one problem. Logan is determined to be a preacher in the chapel he built on the ranch, but Jill hasn’t a shred of faith or hope left in his God. She isn’t remotely interested in religion, let alone becoming a preacher’s wife.
Logan lost Jill once before. Will he make the same mistake again? Will Jill find religion, or will she
findrelationship with God and restored love, purpose, and faith?
Get this stand-alone, sweet, Inspirational romance, "Dreams of Sweetwater River," the third book in the 'Whispers in Wyoming' series, focusing on faith, heritage, and homecoming.

Counting Kadence

Searching for quiet amidst the controlling threats of an ex and well-meaning family, Michelle Brighton contacts a modern-day matchmaker to escape the bustle of her New York life in the hopes of finally finding peace.
Quite Kade Ballard knows little more
thanwork, and the fact that he doesn’t want to be alone on the Broken J Ranch anymore. Letters from the past make him long for a simpler time. Hopeful, he places his trust in a match-making, purple-haired psychologist and the help of the Lord to bring him the desires of his heart?
Thrown together, in a perfect storm of circumstances, can Kade and Michelle learn the art of working together? Or will their difference and the past separate them forever?

Temptation and Tenderness

Maisey Reynard has lived life with a fiery passion, but all that empty desire is about to catch up with her.
Maisey is up for anything fun, so when an old flame from the Broken J Ranch asks for a visit, it seems like a good chance to get away. But when he leaves her stranded with his handsome, charming brother, she's a fish out of
water, especially when Brayden isn't falling for her usual charms.
Nursing an injury after a rodeo accident, Brayden isn’t ready when feisty Maisey is bucked into his life. She’s beautiful, broken, and everything he could ever want. After just a few days, he's almost got her convinced she can be
whole, until a wrench in the form of his mother is thrown into the mix.
Brayden must convince Maisey she's got a life worth living...with him.


Guardian of Her Heart


Charlotte Lewis has the life she always dreamed of in London.
Her low profile career and private flat allow her to hide in plain sight, away from the paparazzi obsessed with her famous Hollywood family. Unlucky in love, she is content to live alone, until a tragic accident leaves her the guardian of her eight-year-old niece,
Emmaand co-owner of Morgan Stables in Wyoming. With no experience in raising children or caring for horses, Charlotte knows one thing. She desperately needs help.

After losing his wife to cancer, Trevor Morgan’s faith is shattered. Living in solitude and training horses for his cousin, Tom, allows him to hide his grief. However, inheriting half of Morgan Stables gives Trevor’s life new purpose. He longs to preserve his family’s legacy and watch over his honorary niece, but Tom’s fancy, uptight sister-in-law complicates his plans. Can they learn to put their differences aside for Emma’s sake and the future of Morgan Stables?

Get this sweet, stand-alone, love story in the Whispers in Wyoming series about faith,
heritageand healing after loss.

Mary Me Katie

Senator Andrews never dreamed he’d have to crash land his plane on a ranch in the middle of Wyoming. It’s love at first sight for the handsome Wyoming wrangler, McGuire Halston, when the Senator’s daughter, Katie Andrews, steps off the plane and onto his horse; but not for Katie, a successful fashion designer with no regard for ranching. She hates dirt and isn’t fond of animals. Stuck on the ranch while the plane is being repaired, Katie has a knack for getting in trouble and is unpredictable.

“Marry Me Katie,” Book 7 of the Whispers in Wyoming series, may be read as a stand-alone and is a clean, inspirational, and sweet western romance with themes of Christian heritage, family, and faith. Don’t miss this humorous, delightful, contemporary romance. Get your copy today!

A Forgetful Heart

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy. Austin Gaines grew up knowing two things—he was born to be a professional bull rider and marry Laina Olsen, the girl next door.

Achieving his dreams ends up being the easy part, but keeping hold of them proves impossible when an addiction tears his life apart. Years later and back on the right track, Austin finds himself only eight seconds away from winning the championship, but there’s just one problem. He can only think about the love he let slip through his fingers six years ago. Will a grand gesture on live television help him win back his wife’s heart?

After six years of waiting, Laina is ready to let Austin go. Her strong-willed cowgirl heart has always helped her survive before, so Laina believes she could start a new life without him. However, she is blindsided when Austin shows up on her television screen, giving a sign he still loves her. Will eight seconds bring them back together or end in disaster?

You’ll be on the edge of your seat while reading this suspenseful and romantic stand-alone tale in the Whispers in Wyoming Series, focusing on faith, redemption and second chances.

Mercy's Light

Delmarie Rivera has checked out of life, turning her back on God and a world she once loved. Still struggling to recover from past hurts and loss she reluctantly allows her mother to drag her along for a western weekend at a Dude ranch in Wyoming where a chance encounter with an old friend starts her on a path she doesn't want to travel.
Colby Springer is the blacksmith at the Broken J Ranch and has found a new joy in carrying on an old tradition. When he meets his ex-chaplain he's thrilled for a chance to catch up with a woman he has secretly loved for years. He's shocked, however, to discover the changes in his old companion; damage to both body and soul.
The Broken J Ranch has had a long tradition of healing hearts and giving hope to the weary as for years many have found a safe haven in its tranquil plains. Can an unexpected trek into the mountains surrounding the ranch start two souls on the right path or will they be destined to continue separated by both distance and belief?

No Place Like Home

The romance continues in Book 10 of the ‘Whispers in Wyoming’ series when Bronson meets Tory, whose teenage kid sister, Harper, enters her in the Miss Lander Beauty Pageant, hosted by The Sweetwater Ranch. There’s fun, trouble, romance, and adventure with Tory being a tad klutzy, and the characters of Jill and Logan Haven jetting off to honeymoon in beautiful Ireland, returning in time to take the kids camping along the Oregon Trail to discover the history and struggle of pioneer life.

“No Place Like Home” may be read as a stand-alone. A lighthearted, endearing, clean and wholesome journey with an inspirational, Christian message that will leave you chuckling and turning the pages to find out what happens next in this contemporary western romance—be sure to download your copy today!

Melodies of the Heart

An old acoustic guitar has collected dust in Hope Dawson’s closet for years, serving as a bittersweet memory of her father’s legacy. She has been running from the music stage for years, until wandering into a little music store in Tipton one morning. Will an unexpected meeting with a young guitar instructor revive her love of music?

Zane Wallace’s dream of becoming a country music performer vanished the day he lost his sight. Instead, he works in his parents’ music shop and mentors young musicians, hoping they will achieve the dream he failed to reach. When his students secretly enter him into a music competition, Zane is inspired, but will need help from a new acquaintance to show his students anything is possible.

Can God weave two broken pasts into a beautiful melody?

Falling Forward

Reeling from the consequences of poor life choices, Florence Host finds herself living with her mother in Wyoming as she struggles to get back on her feet. Working in Albert’s diner to make ends me she sees the problems of small-town America walk through the front door day after day as they reinforce her distrust of men as a whole.
Hunter Tate is simply trying to be the best dad he can to his little girl even as he tries to live down his
ill spent youth. Humbled by the privilege of being a father and placing his faith in the hands of God, he works to see that Elsie has everything she needs. As a wrangler for the Broken J Dude ranch he seems to have found his place, but when the redheaded beauty at Al’s Diner needs his help he jumps right in never considering the peril to his heart.
Can two people pulled apart by two different world views find common ground or will a hardened heart and deep distrust born of the past, leave them far from grace? Find out in this Sweet Contemporary Christian Romance.

Sensitive and Secure

Annabelle is on the run from a stalker.

She arrives in Wyoming to find her safe haven has disappeared.

Luke Dawson wants nothing to do with city girls who want to change his way of life.

When he runs into the sassy and scared Annabelle, he knows he has to bend his rules and protect her. But can he protect his heart?

Scroll up to get your copy of this sweet Christian contemporary romance with a western kick.

Tender Hearts

When Courtney Quinn discovers her cousin, Annabelle, has disappeared, she’s torn. Has Annabelle met with foul play or something worse? For Courtney, worse means Annabelle got herself a hot new boyfriend and skipped town for a romantic weekend! After all, poor Courtney hasn’t had a date in years. Who wouldn’t be jealous of that? But jealous feelings aside, she has to do something. What if Annabelle really is in danger? Her only clue is to discover that Annabelle was heading to Shady, Wyoming, the home of their aunt and uncle.

Eli Turner was a simple man with a simple life. So much for that when Courtney Quinn shows up in town. The clumsy redhead turns his life upside down as she looks for her missing cousin. Even worse, she does a few things to his heart he didn’t expect …

Enjoy this sweet, clean, romantic romp sprinkled with a hint of mystery.

The Bonnets of Rescue Ranch

Shelby Porter was rescued when she was given a chance to breathe life into Tucker Farms’ fallow fields and expand it to include an animal rescue. Now, a past she worked so hard to forget is staring her in the face in the form of the man she once loved.

Tripp Tucker puts the offer of a partnership with his company on hold to return home after his aunt writes asking for help because of an injury. There are many surprises awaiting him at the family farm, but the biggest is the girl who broke his heart.

Will their pride keep them from facing what really happened? And how will it affect Tucker Farms and Rescue Ranch?

All That Glitters

Nicole Maribella Beaumont liked everything exactly the way it was going. She had a practically perfect life with her daughter in their Santa Monica beach house and a fabulous career as an American actress. Why did Drew have to mess everything up by proposing? Then again, they were a happy couple when they were together, weren't they?

Drew Fairchild was the sole heir to Fairchild Studios and a Hollywood Legacy. He’d helped build her successful acting career. Marrying him would be almost a dream come true in so many ways. Besides, if she didn’t accept his proposal, where would that leave her career? Amy needed a father, after all.

Then again, her first marriage had been nothing short of a disaster. Taking things slow on a beautiful luxury ranch in Wyoming to think things through over Thanksgiving and Christmas might be exactly what she needs, except for one factor she doesn't expect—the distracting Jack Colten, a handsome, gorgeous cowboy delivering flowers to her log cabin each day, flowers from Drew.

Get your copy of this stand-alone Contemporary Christian Western Romance today! Clean, sweet, romantic, inspirational, and filled with Christmas warmth, humor, and holiday adventures.

Racing Destiny

Jackson Auburn is at the top of his game. One of Wyoming's leading bull riders he's set to take the championship in this year's finals but something still feels like it is just out of reach. His charm, charisma, and devil may care attitude seem to be able to get him into trouble but they can't seem to give him what he really longs for.

Josie Dixon, the sweetheart of the rodeo has had some hard knocks, leaving her heart as battered as her old saddle. Determined to put the past behind her she aims high going for the barrel racing championship and final proof that she's got what it takes. Finding peace in the companionship of her horse and the love of her grandparents she seeks solitude and grace. But when an old friend convinces her that she needs to take a break and get out into the wilds will eminent disaster shatter both of their dreams or will destiny win the day?

A Searching Heart

Can a lost heart find a new home?

Non-profit business owner, Hannah Evans, enjoys her busy life in London helping families in need. Planning out every little detail of her schedule in a worn leather planner is her favorite pastime. Yet, when an unexpected phone call turns her life upside down, she makes a spur of the moment choice to visit her friend Charly in the United States to gain some perspective.

When Hannah arrives in Wyoming, she never expects to run into a past love and get caught up in the chaos of a celebrity wedding taking place at Morgan Stables. Will this organized business woman learn to let go of her plans and open her heart to love for a second time?

Fall in love while reading this sweet valentines tale of faith, second changes and forgiveness.

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