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Joshua James
A Prequel to The Cattleman's Daughters

Joshua James, the patron of the Broken J Ranch, has watched his family grow with each passing year adding to the joy, laughter, and heartache of a life well spent. Entering his twilight years Joshua’s mind often turns back to the love and loss that has molded him and been the making of the Broken J Ranch.

As a young man, Joshua was a dreamer by nature. He looked to the west to provide for his growing family, but heartache and loss turned his world upside down, changing and reshaping him into something new.

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Book One: The Cattleman's Daughters


Katrion (Katie) James, the oldest daughter of the Broken J ranch has always been the serious, responsible one. Can she finally let go and answer the call of her heart, or will her mother’s dying words forever bind her to a life without a love of her own? Strong, independent and dedicated to her family Katie believes that life is all about responsibility. Working alongside her father to see that the ranch is successful she has all but forgotten she is a woman.


Book Two: The Cattleman's Daughters


Quiet, reserved and kind Fiona never puts herself in the middle of things at the Broken J Ranch, at least not until the larger than life Hank Ballard arrives. Suddenly she’s in the thick of it as the weary builder steps into her life in a big way. Strangely drawn to his son, Fiona soon finds herself deeply attracted to the man himself.



The Cattleman's Daughters, Companion Book One

Granting her father's dying wish Cathleen accepts a proposal as a mail-order-bride only to discover once she reaches Casper Wyoming that her prospective groom is not pleased with her appearance and leaves her at the train station with no idea where to go.


Book Three: The Cattleman's Daughters 


Muiread (Meg) James, romantic and dreamy longs for the excitement of the big city. Her head is so full of thoughts of tall, dark and handsome heroes, that when confronted with the real thing her pride threatens to destroy them both. Her fiery temper and Penny Dreadful dreams of chivalry will toss her straight into a situation that might not only be her undoing but may demolish the trust of the Broken J.Will two people determined to best the other finally hear the call of a wandering heart and be joined together or will they be shattered by the impact of wills?



The Cattleman's Daughters, Companion Book Two


Davrum Deeks, the longtime blacksmith of the Broken J Ranch knows there’s a darker side to every town but has seldom been confronted with it. Living far from any real civilization for so long he’s almost forgotten the pain humans can inflict on their own kind. At least until he comes face to face with a fallen woman in a dark alley.


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Book Four: The Cattleman's Daughters

Sweet, independent, and adventurous Isabella James believes in happy ever after endings. Growing up in the wide open spaces of the Broken J ranch she's always taken her freedom for granted, never giving her actions or attire much thought.







Book Five: The Cattleman's Daughter

Alexis James was the first of Joshua’s daughters to put two and two together, figuring out that her father’s sudden interest in new ranch hands had less to do with work on the Broken J Ranch and more to do with his daughter’s futures. Serious and thoughtful she lives for learning and her twin sister, but when Issy quickly marries one of the brothers who arrive to help grow wheat on the Wyoming prairie she finds herself set adrift and confused by this thing called love.

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Book Six: The Cattleman's Daughters

Vivacious and full of life Mae finds it difficult to adjust to the strictures of life in the big city society of Boston. Although fascinated by the rugged coastline and the strange ways of her aunt and her friends Mae misses her home and family in Wyoming. Estranged from her cousin Sean, who traveled with her to study, she endeavors to master the routine of a high society lady.  Determined not to let circumstances dampen her enthusiasm for life, it isn't long until she's smack-dab in the middle of her own adventure and making new friends.





The Cattleman's Daughters, Companion Book Four

Only two more weeks and Sean Blakely will be headed back to his beloved Wyoming. All he has to do now is study hard and pass his exams.  Life in the big city has taken its toll and his spirit longs for the wide-open spaces of the prairie. Barring any distractions, he’ll be home free. For three years the young mountain man has done his best to live up to everyone’s expectations, so when a slim young woman in a hideous yellow bonnet, steps through his door seeking help he doesn’t have the heart to turn her away.



The Cattleman's Daughters, Companion Book Five

Melissa Middleton has cut her eye teeth on the machinations of Boston's high society. She is used to getting what she wants when she wants it so why for the past two years has the one thing she wants the most alluded her?



The Cattleman's Daughters, Companion Book Six

Since childhood, Annabell Blakely has longed to follow in the footsteps of her personal hero Susan La Flesche Picotte and train as a physician to better serve the native people of Wyoming. Little does she know how difficult and draining her ambitions would become.



The Cattleman's Daughters, Companion Book Seven

As a the new century turns bringing brighter hope, fantastic wonders, and new developments, Joan Mason finds herself still living in the past. Orphaned at a young age and soon to turn eighteen she must find a way to make a living but hopes for a new life, even in the brave new world of the burgeoning twentieth-century she finds herself with little recourse but to reply to the dwindling call for a mail order bride.  

Generations of the Cattleman's Daughters

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Blake Allen

Generations of the Cattleman's Daughters

With a keen sense of justice, Blake Allen has set his sights on a life of law enforcement, but as the roaring twenties break over his home state of Wyoming, he finds himself seeking help and guidance to combat the wave of outlaws determined to take everything as their own.

Darcy Stanley left her home looking for the glamour of the big city, but what she found, amidst the glimmer and shine, could not satisfy the longings of her heart. Trapped in a life of speakeasies and rough gin joints, she finds her chance at freedom a dangerous path.

Will two very different people be able to bring the house of cards crashing down, or lose everything trying?

Find out in this clean, adventurous, historical romance, set amidst the rough backdrop of the 1920s.

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Mary Bridgette

Generations of the Cattleman's Daughters

Mary Bridgette has always been a homebody, caring for her family and completing her tasks with a cheerful dedicated attitude. When war breaks out in Europe, drawing her countrymen into the fray in 1917 her heart is pulled to do what she can to help. Joining the Salvation Army's efforts to provide care and succor for the doughboys at the front Mary soon answers the call to follow her heart and her cousin Eric to distant shores.

Barrister Abrams, a pilot in the burgeoning field of aeronautics, volunteers to fight with the French Air Force before America even enters The Great War, becoming one of the first of Lafayette's Espadrilles who take the fight back to an enemy decimating entrenched soldiers everywhere. No stranger to the perils of flight, he's still taken by surprise when a crash landing leads to an encounter with a bold Salvationist who risks all to help him. As the war rages on, pulling the two apart, Barrister is often reminded of his chance encounter with the unconventional woman.

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