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Christmas Kringle

Seraphina Adams has always loved the outdoors, so when she is asked to help fetch the family Christmas tree she is thrilled, but a sudden accident and a chance meeting with the boy next door change everything in an instant.

Rafe Dixion barely knows his nearest neighbors; a strong fence and a family feud having separated them for years, but when he hears the anguished cries for help he answers the call with an open heart only to have it stolen by an angel as she falls.

Can two, star-crossed-lovers find love in the season of peace, or with their parent's ancient war banish them forever?

Quill's Careful Cowboy

Cameron Royal is a careful man, avoiding drama and entanglements on the open range, but as the years slip by the idea of something more permanent starts to have an appeal.

Aquila Adams, the oldest daughter of the Rocking A range is book smart, determined, and willing to put herself at risk to save the ranch.
When thetwomeet will a careful cowboy and an amateur accountant add up or will the whole thing go bust?

Find out if a peppermint loving bull, a sneaky little sister, and some nosy neighbors can save the day, in this sweet historical western romance.


Bruno's Belligerent Beauty

Bronwyn Sparak, a simple shepherd working the hills near Biders Clump, has been in love with the banker's daughter since the first time he laid eyes on her behind the one room schoolhouse. No matter how many times he is rebuffed, snubbed, or has the door slammed in his face 'Bruno' continues to pursue the only woman he can ever love.

Janine Williams has lived her life in luxury, her every whim catered to by a loving and indulgent father. She has never wanted for anything or felt the sting of heartache, but when a group of outlaws descends on the town, turning her safe life upside down, she starts to wonder if there is more to living than having the things you want.

Can a daring rescue, a quiet pony and a meddlesome old storyteller help them find their happily ever after or will events forever end Bruno's dreams of love? Throw in the annual Valentine's Dance and you may just have a recipe for love.


A Teaching Touch.jpg
A Teaching Touch

Still new to Biders Clump Grady Gatlin is working hard to be the best teacher he can for any student who is willing to learn. His gentle, quiet nature makes him popular among the children and parents but a busy schedule and a pile of marking cannot truly fill his heart.

Rebecca Carol is more than surprised to find herself the care taker of the Biders Clump Boarding House, but is grateful for a chance to get away from the shame of failure and the constant reminder that she was too weak to be a useful vessel for God.

Sometimes you have to go to the wrong place to discover where you truly belong

Tywyn's Trouble.jpg
Tywyn's Trouble

When a dark stranger rides into Biders Clump on a cool gray morning, turning the town's mind back to the trouble of a few months ago, even the most vivid imagination can't guess his true purpose.

Tywyn Spade has come to the tiny town looking for something he is uniquely qualified to collect, only to find far more than he expected. Through years of travel, over dark trails. the man with the slate gray eyes has seen hard days, but Biders Clump holds a secret that could end his quest and awaken his heart.

Loss is nothing new to Jillian Fort. Strong independent and collected, little touches her in her isolated mountain home. When danger comes calling she answers in kind, but will the revelations brought to her valley shatter her or will she find strength for a new tomorrow?

Prissy's Predicament

Cheerful, sassy and one of the most adventurous cooks in the tiny town of Biders Clump, Priscilla Adams has charmed friends and family alike. Her usual bubbly personality is a draw to many, but when her heart turns toward the town’s baker a brush with sorrow dims her usual spark.

Rupert Rutherford has finally found exactly what he’s been looking for; a quiet town, far away from the trouble of the past, where he can bake delightful treats in peace. But when he meets the vivacious Miss Pris, he nearly forgets his desire to remain unnoticed.

Could a woman like Priscilla Adams really care for a man like Rupert? A man with a shameful past. Any honorable man would see that the woman he loved was happy, even if it is with another man.

Lucinda's Luck

Young and inexperienced in the ways of love Lucinda Farrow finds her life turned upside down after the loss of her father. Destitute she and her mother must make a new life for themselves and only the kindness of their beloved housekeeper seem to offer any hope as she whisks them into jobs at the small restaurant in the tiny town of Biders Clump.

After the loss of his sister, Willem Druthers has inherited a farm, a niece and a nephew but little in his life has prepared him to deal with the after effects of the children's grief. Desperately trying to eek a living from a farm that seems incapable of growing anything but onions, he longs for a better way to provide for his small family. 

Will fate conspire to keep two dreamers apart, or will circumstances bring them together despite all odds?

Ferd's Fair Favor

Determined to track down the men who left another to die, Ferd Wallace ranges the long hills in search of answers. Unprepared for what he finds, the young deputy from Biders Clumps must find a tender strength to earn the trust of those in need of his help and still put a mystery to rest.

Constance Jupiter, is struggling to keep her Abuelo alive as influenza wracks her tiny home and has little strength left to combat the invasions of her quiet world. Alone and frightened she is unwilling to trust the word of a stranger who’s only goal is to help, resisting until it’s almost too late.

Can a stubborn determination and an overpowering will find compromise long enough to protect the one they have both learned to love, or will disaster, danger, and past deeds create an insurmountable abyss that dooms them all?

The Travels of Titus

Leaving behind the only home he’s ever known and trusting his little brothers to providence Titus Smith strikes out on his own to find a way to pull his family back together. Desperate for work he falls in with a cattle outfit that shows him the ropes but when rustlers threaten the drive he could lose everything.

Winter's Worth

Rock Bannon has been a member of Biders Clump for a lot of years. A quiet man by nature he feels much but says little. When he stumbles upon a family camped on the edge of the Adams-Dixon Range, his big heart is stirred by their need.

Agnes Ratner has traveled many miles, leaving behind the repression of the deep south and seeking a better life for her children while her husband stays behind to pay their debt for a new start. Feeling out of place and vulnerable as the only woman of color in the tiny town Agnes is determined to look after her family even as doubts about her husband's arrival are wearing her down. Can she lean on a friend as she awaits her fate, or will the trials of time be too much?


Rock's Revelation

Rock Bannon has a heart as big as the Rocky Mountains that surround his quiet home, but he's always known that romance wasn't in the cards for him. Instead, the big man does his best to see that others around him are happy and safe. A man riding for the brand doesn't have time for silly things like love.

Mary Ellen Bigsby is off on an adventure to the home of her favorite writer. She knows it is a frivolous journey, but she wants this one trip before she's too old to travel. Having given her youth to the classroom, she's ready for a change but unprepared for what she finds at the end of the trail.

Ellery's Eden

After two long months of waiting Polly and George Olson's oldest son returns to Biders Clump but he's not the man they once knew. Having lost his wife, Ellery returns home where he knows his children will be well cared for while he checks out of life. Heartbroken and overcome by grief he hides away from the rest of the world unable to even care for his own little ones.

Ernestine Haven is looking for a new job as a governess but when she receives a letter offering her a place at a boarding house in Wyoming she knows there is more to the simple words than meets the eye.  Will going to Biders Clump prove the answer to her prayers or will she once more be forced to leave behind little ones she has grown to love. Taking the chance that she will find real joy out west Ernie accepts the job but will it prove too much for her soft heart to handle or will it give her the hope and home she has always wanted?

Hestor's Hope

Hester's path has not been an easy one, but with the help of her uncle she will make do on what little they have. Confident her luck has changed when she garners employment at one of the city's wealthiest homes, and despite the reputation of the occupants she is grateful. 

Cecil Payton never wanted wealth, responsibility or two children who depended on him. He preferred the wide open spaces of the wild west but when his brother died leaving him everything, he finds himself shackled to a fancy house in the heart of the city. 

Unprepared for the perils of business or how to guide his niece and nephew, he is at his wits end. He can't seem to keep dependable servants on hand and as the most important event of the year approaches he is desperate to find help. 

Will an unassuming, simple woman be the answer to his problems or will she too, run from the exuberant antics of his only living kin?

Tales from Bider's Clump, Book 14

Alden Quaide has known little more than hard work and life on the trail. A cowhand, wrangler, and bronc buster, Alden has seen a lot of the country, but he wants to see more. With a little savings, a good horse, and a spirit of adventure, he sets out to see the Nation’s first National Park and find his dreams. When a chance encounter with tragedy and responsibilities he never expected, Alden needs to find the closest port in a storm. Will he find what he needs in Biders Clump as his life of adventure turns to a life of care?
Clara Cuthbert has been quietly wasting away in her father’s stately home, but when he passes away leaving her everything, she knows adventure is on the horizon. Setting her affairs in order, the now independent Clara sets out to see the wonders her nation has to offer, but will a helping heart and a chance at love derail her plans?

Tales from Bider's Clump, Book 15

Belinda Drummond has never been allowed to make a decision in her life. After a match made by her mother goes terribly wrong, she finds herself alone and at the mercy of an uncle she has never met.
Can a simple hostler make a match to save the girl from shame and sorrow?
Brougham is a man with too much past and no right to a name he has abandoned. His mountain home, lonely, isolated, and filled with hard work, has been his refuge and saving grace. Will the ghosts of the past give him the courage to help one in need or will they shatter another life in the process?

Tales from Bider's Clump, Book 16

Catherine Harvey has been given an ultimatum but is it one she can live with? Her family has determined that she must wed and have presented her with two choices, but how does she choose between her best friend and a dashing man of means?
Jaden Ackerman has been friends with Catherine his whole life. She’s a sweet, intelligent, and kindhearted girl but there has never been any spark between them. Will friendship sacrifice everything to protect her from a devious pretender?
When Catherine runs away from the conflict will one man find the courage to win her heart?

Tales from Bider's Clump, Book 17

What makes a suitable wife?
With an ambitious father, Devin Sayer seems to have it all: a nice home, a prosperous family business, and the attention of just about every eligible young woman in town.
After losing his bid to win the hand of the woman his father chose for him, Devin uses the excuse of being jilted to see a bit more of the world.
Will a trek into the wilds be all he expects it to be or will a chance encounter bring him the desire of his heart?
Eldora and her brothers are on their own, unsure of where their father might be. When an unexpected storm blows more into their mountain cabin than snow, will everything change?

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