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Strong Heart: Open Spirit

B1 - Maggie's Valley-FINAL[12594].jpg
Maggie's Valley

Strong Heart; Open Spirit

Maggie Weston is truly alone for the first time in her life. Will she be able to make it on her own in a wild land she hasn’t seen since she was a child? Leaving a past filled with death and sorrow, behind Maggie strikes out on her own returning to the place of her birth. But when she gets there she finds that along with the challenges of being a woman on her own 1883, the world she knew is changing. Has she simply run-away from pain and loss, to encounter it all over again or will she find the strength of heart to carry on and start anew? An inspirational tale of independence, faith, and a willingness to stand your ground when all you want to do is give in.

An Sweet inspirational Historic Western Romance. 

B2 = Celestre's Song-FINAL[12595].jpg
Celestre's Song. 

Strong Heart, Open Spirit

Leaving behind the dark shadow of her late husband Celestre Smythe strikes out for a new life in Montana: one where security is guaranteed. To her way of thinking she couldn't have asked for a better situation, a simple partnership with taciturn Trevor Wright.
Trevor needs a woman to care for his two young children but wants as little to do with the woman herself as possible. A Montana horse rancher he’s given up on love, God, and anything other than providing for his tiny family. Celestre is a means to an end, a way of meeting the needs of his small son and infant daughter.
Although content with their arrangements for their own reasons Trevor and Celestre soon find that life doesn’t often adhere to our best laid plans.

A sweet inspirational story of second chances.

B3 - Sadina's Stocking-FINAL[12596].jpg
Saddie's Stocking    
Strong Heart, Open Spirit

Sadina Riley is not the same woman she was just a few years ago. A broken marriage, a young daughter and a drastic change in lifestyle has left her teetering on the edge. If not for her talent with a needle and thread, she would surely be destitute.

Edward Hampton has known Saddie since they were kids and remembers the lively girl with the bright smile and kind heart, not the woman who hides herself away from the town’s gossip. Set to return to the Montana ranch he has recently inherited Ed hopes to give Saddie and her daughter a new beginning.

Can a second chance and a timeless love overcome the damage caused by another or will two old friends forever remain strangers under the same roof?

B4 - Beloved Beulah-FINAL[12597].jpg
Beloved Beulah
Strong Heart, Open Spirit

At forty Beulah Hamilton never expected to find love, but she did have to find a new home. After her father, Colonel Hamilton passed away she could no longer stay in the military housing that she had known her entire life. Seeking a way to eke out and existence the efficient woman decides to become a mail-order-bride. Her entire life had been dedicated to the care and well being of her demanding father, how much more difficult could being a wife possible be?

Silas Martel, a quiet unassuming shop keeper, has spent his life caring for his ailing mother. His whole life dictated by the needs of a woman unhappy in her circumstances and plagued by pain. After his mother’s passing, he seeks to find a woman who will understand his quiet ways and who enjoys the modern conveniences of the new era.

Will assumptions and misunderstanding keep them from learning to love or will unforeseen problems bond them in a way they have never expected?

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