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The Slowest Roll!

Into Yellowstone National Park on the slow.

This month we seem to have moved back in time or at least back a season. We have returned to winter as we rolled into Yellowstone National Park. The park is only open for Admin travel at this time and that meant we were allowed to move to our site near Old Faithful but we can't be running all over the place. The speed limit is set at a firm 35 MPH and so it took us a good two hours to move from Gardiner to Old Faithful. It was beautiful though. Sadly we do not have a front mounted camera on our car so I have no footage of our trek through the park. I must say it was amazing to see it empty and quiet. What a privlidge to be in this astounding piece of creation.

As I write this bloggy/newsie piece, I'm actually preparing to go to Pennsylvania. My mom fell and broke her hip and my sister will need help during Mom's convelecence. I hate to leave the park but I'm so thankful that I can hop on a plane and go home. Many people really stress about this aspect of RV life but I learned that whatever road took you away can take you back. Life is short, embrace the blessings. I'm sure that when I get back here in a couple of weeks the snow will be gone and the tourist season will be gearing up. I can't wait to get out on the trails with my husband. He's so amazingly supportive through everything. As one friends says we'll appreciate each other even more after a brief time apart. Don't tell him I share this picture of him talking to our friend and neighbor Joe. Joe is working at Old Faithful too and this was us hanging out after Easter dinner together. Notice the Elk weren't bothered by the guys at all.

I has been cold here and it is crazy to have all this snow come in last night but it is already melting. We did a lot of work to get the rig ready for cold weather. Even in the summer nights can be very cold here in Yellowstone. If you come to visit, be prepared. One of my favorite things we did to prepare is to buy a heated mattress pad for our bed. Our bed is directly over the big diesel engine and even though it is inuslated and a great mattress we found that it was cold when we had to go to bed each night last season. This mattress pad is wonderful. It has a prehead button which just takes the chill off or you have settings for either side of the bed so if I'm cold I can turn it up and the every-day-hero can switch his off.

I thought this would be like a heating pad but it isn't. It has a lot of settings so you can find exactly what is right for your. I was talking to some of the other workers here this week and they were saying how people don't come prepared for the weather here in Yellowstone. It might be warm during the day but at this elevation it gets down into the 40s each night. Maker sure you are prepared. I would even go so far as to suggest adding an extra blanket or throw in your car to have incase you get stuck on the road. We have had snow in June and August here in Wyoming so be ready for anything. I use vacuum bags to help me keep what I want in the rig. Face it, we can carry everything so prioritize. These have been a life saver.

I don't know about you, but I used these when I had a house as well and my Mother-in-law is using them now. You can always grab one and pack your pillows if you are going camping or going to travel. It's nice to have your own pillow where every you go. Of course, I just take my whole bed. At least mostly.

We haven't seen many animals yet in the park. We passed a herd of buffalo out on the plains, they looked ready for spring to bring them fresh grass. There were also swans on the river as we made our way to the campsite. I hope to get pictures of the swans this year and maybe a few loons. Last year I never was able to stop when we saw them. Please remember that stopping in the middle of the road to take pictures is not allowed here in Yellowstone. There are many, many, many pull offs where you will usually find animals so try to pull off the road and follow all of the rules. As my dear friend,