Book 1

In the busy world of Party Planning Audrey Alberton, has no time for love, she’s not even sure she has time for Christmas as her calendar continues to fill through the Holiday season. Can one simple gift from an unknown giver change everything?                                       

Holden Bays has too much to do to be slowed down by an accident but when his truck and trailer are damaged moving through the city one chance encounter could turn his world upside down.                                            

 Christmas Miracles come in small packages in this delightful short bundle of Christmas Cheer.

Book 2

The ultimate Match Maker – Mrs. Claus – is looking for her next project. Would a young widowed mother and a lone rancher dad fit the bill?
When Tamara receives the plaid reindeer ornament gift that swirls with Christmas magic, and hints that she will find her new love wearing plaid, the hunt begins. Trouble is – Joel does not wear plaid - ever.
Both daughters, Chris and Annie, join forces to investigate the clues, but discover obstacles’ suggesting their parents are not the pairing the Match Maker has in mind. Desperate measures send the children off into the cold evening to bring the evidence home. Will the Spencer and Parker family unite as one? Only if they believe in Christmas miracles.
From an elf, to a reindeer, and eventually to the whole Claus family, the couple must face ghosts from the past if they are to move forward into an unexpected future. This historical western romance novella, takes place in Montana between a substitute school teacher and a small time rancher.
Download today. Love is the reason for the season.


Book 3

Mrs. Claus is all about spreading Christmas cheer — especially to the many lonely hearts seeking friendship, love, healing, second chances, and that special someone to call their own.
To help each lovely heroine and dashing hero find their perfect match, Mrs. Claus mails them a magical holiday ornament. In Music Box Christmas…

Beau Hart is busy managing his investment portfolio and running his family’s ranch, much too busy for dating or to even consider falling in love. That is until a Christmas gift from Mrs. Claus is delivered to him. A Carousel Music Box that is an exact replica of the Christmas Carousel in North Pole Montana’s own Christmas themed amusement park. With the music box is a card that says, “All legends are based in truth.” The only legend that he knows is the one about the Carousel; any couple sitting in the sleigh on Christmas Eve are destined to be married by New Year’s Day. But he isn’t even dating anyone so that’s not going to happen.

Mari Christmas has just taken over Santa’s Village theme park from her retired uncle and aunt. She has no clue how to run an amusement park but family comes first. When she happens to trip and fall into the lap of a handsome cowboy sitting in the sleigh on her carousel on Christmas Eve everyone in the area calls for them to kiss. Now according to legend they’ll be married by New Years. But with a legal fight to save the park and dreams of her own there is no way Mari will succumb to legend even if the cowboy can kiss like a dream.

Will Mrs. Claus help this couple to find true love? Or is the legend just that- a legend? Find out in A Music Box Christmas.

Book 4

Willa Murray receives a gift of an angel cookie ornament with a note signed by Mrs. Claus. It bears a cryptic message about watching for an angel in disguise who will soon cross her path. With her job as a lead actress in jeopardy (since the theater owner's niece wants the position for herself), she shrugs off the strange gift and heads home to Pinetop, Arizona for a long overdue visit with her folks.

One of the first people in town she encounters is the annoying and cocky blast from her past, Angel Castellano, who's been bragging since age eight that he plans to marry her some day. He's grown into a much taller and handsomer man than he had any right to. He's also the owner and head chef of a dinner theater in desperate need of a new entertainment director for the upcoming Christmas pageant, a position he is quick to offer her. Plus he makes the world's most amazing gingerbread cookies shaped liked angels, which he clearly is not despite his name — cookies that bear a startling resemblance to the ornament she was gifted before leaving the city.

For the first time in months, Willa begins to hope there might be something more for her to look forward to than life as a has-been actress in full-blown spinsterhood. Perhaps the elusive Mrs. Claus was right and Willa's very own Angel has been hiding in plain sight all these years.

Book 5

Kelsey Patrick is homesick for the snow and family Christmas tree from her childhood in Connecticut. The holidays are coming and South Florida weather is lovely, but it's not what she wants for Christmas. She's making the best of it, but she expects her Christmas to be un-snowy and lonely.

When she receives a lovely and thoughtful last minute Secret Santa gift from Mrs. Claus, Kelsey's Christmas spirit is revived. When she tries to find the one who gave her the gift under the guise of Mrs. Claus, she makes an assumption that leads her down the wrong path. Brett Taylor is firmly seated in the friend zone and knows Kelsey is making a mistake, but he's in no position to try to change her mind.

Just when both Brett and Kelsey are set to spend their holidays working and alone, a chain of events just might change all that. And maybe Mrs. Claus will see her sweet work behind the scenes bring two love birds together at last.

The Sailor and the Suffragette

Book 6

Sometimes love could use a little push - Mrs. Claus is ready with a little magic for the Holiday Season
For the last ten years, Laura Chun put her heart and soul into becoming a physical therapist and sharing her love of dance with young students. When she receives an ornament and a mysterious message, she chalks it up to a Secret Santa – or in this case Mrs. Claus. It comes at the perfect time. A former student invites her to dance in the Nutcracker with her… & her father.
Matthew Benson would do anything for his daughter, Juliet. After they lost her mother years ago to a sudden illness it’s been just the two of them. Now Juliet’s earned the role of her young lifetime in a local ballet company. The only obstacle is that each dancer’s parents are expected to appear on stage. Juliet asks her favorite dance teacher to step in, and soon Matthew understands why his daughter thinks Laura hung the moon. He’s losing his heart to her as well.
Spending hours rehearsing together brings Laura and Matthew closer together and soon their onstage family may just become one offstage as well.
Will they take the chance and have… A Dance for Christmas?

Book 7

Tilly Cassidy receives a lovely gingerbread star ornament from Mrs. Claus with a note that claims her next wish upon a star will lead to what her heart desires most. It’s way too bad all her biggest dreams fall into the impossible category — like her foolish wish for a train ticket she can’t afford in order to attend her best friend’s wedding in Pinetop, Arizona. Then there’s her wish to find a little joy and happiness of her own along the way.

The moment the hardworking maid dares to make such impossible wishes, everything in her upside-down world changes. Soon the only thing standing in the way of true love is a villain from her past. Fortunately, the new and dashing sheriff of Pinetop is anxious to assist her, and she begins to wonder if she was wrong to stop believing in happily-ever-afters.

Book 8

Lisa Carter doesn’t have a care in the world, at least not as far as anyone can tell but now that her best friend has been swept away into magically marvelous matrimony she wonders how she will fill her spare time. The life of a personal assistant is hectic but now what will she do with her free time and who will remind her of those important things she tends to forget, like paying the rent or getting her oil changed?


Brooks Vixen newly returned to Colorado is struggling to make ends meet as he helps to care for his ailing sister and her two small children. Disheartened by his sister’s condition he simply wants to find a little peace. Will one goose and a little nudge from Mrs. Clause be enough to bring them to a safe happily ever after? 

Book 9

A young news reporter, a widowed father needing a mother for his children, and a mysterious ornament that will change their lives forever.

Molly Griffith doesn't want to get married. Her dream is to be a published reporter for a prestigious New York newspaper. When a mysterious gift appears on her desk, she ignores it in favor of writing a story that will capture the attention of her Editor-in-Chief.

After seeing a letter in the newspaper to Father Christmas, she knows this is her chance to capture reader's attention. She heads to Mountain Home, Idaho to meet the four children that wrote the letter. She’ll help them select a new mother, and get the story, and go back to New York with a heartwarming Christmas story for the paper and be sure to get her a featured byline.

Widower Nathan Parker has no intention of marrying again. When his children write a letter to Father Christmas asking for a mother, he balks at the idea. That is until a reporter comes from New York to assist his family in organizing and responding to the many letters they received. He slowly opens up to the idea, but begins to realize that the one person he wants isn't in Mountain Home permanently.

Will Molly put aside her dream? Will Nathan put aside the past? Can they both receive the greatest gift of all? 

his is a historical sweet and wholesome holiday romance.

Book 10

Candy Walters just lost her sister and she can't believe she has been willed interest in their Montana ranch. But she doesn't know anything about ranching. So Candy plans to sell off the ranch and go back to her life in Chicago. What she didn't expect was the stipulation that came with her inheritance.

Joseph Cane has a physical impairment that makes him think he isn't capable of running a ranch. When his brother dies and gives him half the property, his plans to sell it off go awry when the will stipulates he lives there for one year ... with Candy.

With the help of two orphaned children, ranch help that looks mysteriously like Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus and a special candy cane ornament in the shape of a heart, can Candy and Joseph overcome their circumstances and find love this holiday season?


Book 11

Two mini matchmakers, inspired by a Christmas Plaid romance, are beginning to meddle in the things of the heart. When Chris and Annie receive an invitation to help the Ornamental Match Maker, a second couple become recipients of the love-magic. Will the girls manage another happily-ever-after or will the two lonely hearts miss their destiny?

At twenty-six, Kara Frankford feels like romance has passed her by. While she is the owner of a thriving seamstress shop in Livingston, Montana, Kara is bound with family responsibilities, allowing her little time to pursue meaningful relationships. A prosperous businessman, Stephen Thacker, has no one on whom to lavish his success. Alone and without family, life lacks the fulfillment he’d imagined the West would provide. Will Cupid’s arrow hit the target or will a bumpy first day with the girl of his dreams ruin their happily-ever-afters?

Join Chris and Annie as they dive headfirst into another great adventure – and hopefully pull off the next perfect match. But the girls may need a little help. When romance takes a rocky turn in the road, will it be magic or a miracle that carries love forward? Find out in this endearing story of rescue, freedom, faith, and hope.


Book 12

James Hampton's only desire is to find someplace warm and sunny far away from the madness of the Christmas season. He's worked his fingers to the bone in the party planning business this season and needs a break. Christmas is his least favorite holiday of all and when his best friend and partner suddenly married a rugged cowboy at the height of the season he'd had to marshal the troops and finish the year with a smile. A warm beach and a sunny breeze are just what he needs to recover.
Brittany Marshal is full of big dreams as she works to finish her MBA in hospitality. When she decides to take a semester off to work on a tropical island everyone thinks she's lost her mind, but perhaps she's only beginning to find her heart. When she meets James, a party planner, over a pineapple mishap things really start to heat up.
Can two people both on track with their own careers find something special together or will a devastating revelation separate them forever?

Book 13

Annamae Beckett is filled with envy after witnessing a wildly romantic wedding proposal from the town sheriff to a dear friend. She figures something so magical could never happen to an impoverished actress like herself.

Soon afterwards, she receives a gift of a lovely cookie heart ornament from Mrs. Claus and Cupid. It’s accompanied by a note warning her about a man who will attempt to steal her heart from the one who truly deserves it. Considering she has no beau at all, Annamae can’t fathom having two men fight over her, so she dismisses the mysterious message as a prank.

Until she comes face to face with two handsome strangers, both vying for her attention and both determined to steal her heart from the other…

Book 14

All aboard for a Christmas cruise In July.

The North Pole is casting a magic net across the sea to catch two lonely hearts and make this cruise a life-altering adventure.
Will Merissa heal from a broken heart before the ship lands back at Fort Lauderdale and can Chad make the hard decisions that are destined to change the path he has chosen?

Only the mysterious giver of the ornamental gift knows for sure.

Come sail aboard the Imperial Voyager and taste the 'Twelve Days of Christmas' in a whole new setting. And while you’re there, be sure to root for the couple struggling to find their dreams.

This faith-based novella will have you riding strong currents of emotional waves – from the depths of grief to a happy-ever-after. At least that’s what Chad and Merissa are hoping for.

Book 15

Jamie Walton has always loved the Old Inn, her grandmother's Victorian holiday spot has been in the family for ages and she is determined to restore it and its rental cottages to new glory. With summer quickly approaching she has a million things to do but when one misstep lands her in a mess it might take a little nudge from a special matchmaker to help her along her way.
Carlos simply wants to finish his job as he brings color back to the cottages along the shoreline of Lake Michigan, when a chance encounter with his new boss tosses him into the mix he determines to do what he can to make her dreams come true. With the help of his younger siblings, a disappearing baby, and a dash of magic be able to bring two dreamers together?

Book 16

Book 16

Mercy is happy for her best friend, Annamae, when she falls in love and marries, but she is saddened by the fact it leaves her desperately alone at the boarding house. She dearly misses her roommate and all the good times they shared as struggling actresses.

In the midst of her melancholy, she receives a gift of a lovely pair of gingerbread cookies from Mrs. Claus — a cheerful boy and girl decorated with red and white icing, holding hands. They’re accompanied by a note announcing that Christmas miracles come to those who believe, and love is the greatest miracle of all.

Mercy is breathless with excitement to realize it’s finally her turn, because every young woman in Pinetop who’s received such a gift has ended up married to the man of her dreams. There’s only one problem. Her own dreams have always included a knight, with skin as dark as her own, riding off with her into the sunset; whereas the only man currently vying for her affections is the giant of a Scotsman who serves as her trapeze partner at Castellano’s. Is it possible Mrs. Claus knows Mercy’s heart better than she knows it herself? Also, is it complete stuff and nonsense to believe a Christmas miracle is coming her way in July?

Book 17

The ornamental key is the most important gift the aging Mrs. Claus will ever send. It is time to pick her successor. As she gazes on her final recipient, the foundations of Santa Ville shake and the keys to the kingdom fall into the abyss. Devastated and confused, she collapses in her Polar Penthouse suite, as the crumbling North Pole village is covered with a mystical blanket of snow.

Pamela Legend is an ambitious young woman, successful doctor of medicine and lover of all things Christmas. When an injured man, the mysterious John Doe, is wheeled into the emergency room, she is swept up in helping him rediscover his identity. He is a complicated soul, and when he opens walls between reality and fantasy, only a miracle will allow them to see eye to eye on the most important ingredient in life – to love and to be loved? Together they are cast into a world they are ill-equipped to understand, and when self-preservation takes its toll, the gift will show them the way. But, will their hunt for true destiny come in time to turn love’s key and save Christmas.

Follow Pamela and John as they discover the lost miracle of redeeming love and attempt to balance a fallen world that has lost the true meaning of the season. This entertaining, modern myth combines truth and legend to bring about a happily-ever-after love story.

Book 18

Antoinette spends her life hiding behind the oversized lens of her camera, covering up the hurts and scars of the past while creating some of the most sought after nature shots in the world of outdoor photography. Can she manage to see past her own frailties to find love?

Book 19

When Trevor receives the Christmas owl ornament, he laughs the gift off as a sick joke from the North Pole. But his mother is hopeful and slips it into his suitcase as he packs to leave on another tour. Midway through the month-long vacation, he senses his tour bus passengers are running out of steam. A quiet beach within a few hours drive and a relaxing stay at Heritage Inn beckons to him as a pleasant solution.

Angie Parkinson owns Heritage Inn and accepts the newcomers as a last minute replacement for a canceled group. Pleased that Christmas in July would launch as it had every year since her childhood, Angie prepares for them to arrive. Little does she suspect that the North Pole has set into motion a chain of events that will open old wounds and bring together the past, present, and future.

When the barn owls at the resort are thrown into the mix, the two lonely hearts best guard their hearts, or prepare to be swept into a romance long overdue.

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