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Rolling Day by Day

Updated Map with the states we recently traveled through

Life on the road is always different. Different place, different scenery, different situation.

When hitting the road after an extended stop it takes some adjustment to get back into the travel life.

After leaving my mother's home in Pennsylvania we rolled into Ohio and spent a lovely evening with my cousin, but the next day we hit the road again and rolled into Michigan and almost all the way through. This push to get somewhere can lead to mistakes and it led us on an out of the way excursion that ended in nothing but a waste of fuel and sixty mile round trip trek. Sometimes pushing to get somewhere can be a disadvantage but it took some time to adjust to this reality once more.

On Day two in Michigan we reached Wilderness State Park camping right next to a stunning Lake Michigan.

It was breathtaking. The lake looks like an inland sea with all of the colors of the Caribbean thrown in for good measure. Our first night at the park the lake gave us a taste of real weather with wind gust up to forty miles per hour. The every-day-hero even went up on the room and took down the vent cover over the bathroom vent. It had a broken panel clip from before and with the wind so fierce we were worried it would fly off.

The next day we were off to Mackinac Island on the ferry to see what we could see. The island was beautiful and being off peak season there were very few people there. This island has no cars other than emergency vehicles. Instead everyone rides bicycles or uses horses. Not that's my kind of place. Since we were a bit early for the season not everything was open but there was more than enough to see and we walked our feet off trekking everywhere. The island is full of history, walking trails and fudge.

This beautiful team of Percherons were haulling work materials for the Grand Hotel.

We spent one more day in Wilderness State Park then hit the road once more heading for the Upper Peninsula. Our original plan was to go to another park there but the weather was so horrid, wet, and cold that we decided to roll on. As a matter of fact we rolled all the way across the peninsula and down to Green Bay Wisconsin. I have to say driving along the lake in the rain and seeing the waves lapping at the shore was pretty spectacular. The power of nature that has shaped this place can be awesome.

After a night in Green Bay we moved on to Minnesota where we finally started to adjust to the fact that we were on a journey and not just traveling to another destination. We had pushed through so much and then we remembered that this was about seeing things and experiencing, things not just going somewhere.

We stopped in Monticello MN and actually got a real campsite, something we seldom do. We took the time while there to not only do laundry but to hop in the Cherokee and drive all the way to Walnut Grove to the Laura Ingles Wilder Museum. This was a delightful outing and we learned so much a