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Hold the Roll!

In a time of stay home, stay safe, and social distancing, the RV lifestyle takes on a new perspective and like many of our youtube counterparts we are hunkered down in one spot for an indefinite time. Like all of you, we are staying home but home for us is a little smaller.

In early March we were still in Florida but getting ready to start our roll for the new season as we headed for Yellowstone National Park where the every-day-hero has taken a job for the summer. We were trying to figure out our route when my mother fell ill and we knew we had to get home sooner than planned. Unfortunately, we had been sick with something for about two weeks so we waited through the end of the first week of March before turning the key and heading for Pennsylvania. We had no idea that during our two-day trek north things would begin to change so drastically.

Something I always love about the #rollingandwriting lifestyle is that no matter where you are you can always turn around and I'm very thankful that we turned the rig north and are with my mom. For one, she had some health issues and we could be here while she had a procedure that has improved her health dramatically and second, we are in a good place to 'driveway surf' while we wait out the stay home period. It has all been a little surreal, but we are safe and well and very thankful for that.

So what do you do while sitting in the RV and waiting until you can head toward the Western Wilds? So many, many things. The every-day-hero has been working on the rig and making sure that everything is running well. There is always something that needs to be done around any RV. When you live in a rolling home it takes a bit of a beating on the road and you want to do regular maintenance and care when you are sitting still.

We have also had the opportunity to reevaluate our cold and wet weather gear which we have needed here. We don't know when we'll be headed to Yellow stone but I'm pretty sure new boots will be in order before that. With all the hiking and walking we do regularly our waterproof boots are seeing some serious wear and, sadly, tear.

I've been writing a good deal as well and cooking up some nice treats. One of our favorite things to do has been to get out and go walking or take a hike in the woods. Unfortunately with the wet weather that has been challenging but we're pretty much geared up for what mother nature tosses at us. I really think that the hardest thing about this shut down for us is that we haven't been able to get out to see family. We've been here for weeks but with social distancing, we don't see many people. This means I should have written like three books by now then right? I wish. I'm afraid I keep getting distracted by chores and little projects. So now it is time to really knuckled down and get the work done. I'm hoping to be ahead of the writing game by the time we get the call to roll to Wyoming and settle into the first national park for a while. There is so much beauty to see in this world so much to experience, explore, and enjoy that my heart is hopeful for what comes next. Spring has begun to spring even here in the North and the light of the world is bringing new life in every quarter. What wonders are these that we see? Take a moment and look around at the greening grass, blooming flowers, and budding trees and know that the world will make ti's turn around the sun this year bringing out in beauty and wonder on the other side.

While we wait for this mad time to blow over here are a few good reads to fill your day with hope. My first Whispers in Wyoming box set is reduced to just $5.99 for a limited time.

I'm also working on a new Generations of the Cattleman's Daughters that should be out this month if I can get all of the words written. I love these books and the hope, hearth, and happily ever after they bring. In a time when our world is a little out of control, we need a lot more love.

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