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A Yellowstone Stay!

It is always difficult to sit down and write a blog. There is so much going on and so many things that always need doing but I love being able to share more about my travels, or in this

In 2018, when we first started the #rollingandwriting life, our major goal was to get to Yellowstone. We spent nine amazing days here in the park and loved all that we saw. Unfortunately, nine days only scratched the surface of this massive National Park.

We made the point to get to each of the four major quadrants of the park but knew that one day we would want to return. #rollingandwriting is an amazing lifestyle but it is not always easy, and even with mostly boondocking there are the usual expenses of everyday life. With this in mind, the every-day-hero applied for a job in Yellowstone for the summer. We were scheduled to be here in April but COVID 19 made a mess of the timeline. We are, however, grateful that we still got to come in July and work, earning a little extra and allowing me to focus on my writing.

It has been an interesting and enlightening experience living and working in Yellowstone. e have already seen so much that we missed the first time. Since the hero is working at the Lake Hotel we have been exploring this area more extensively. There is so much to see all the time.

Living in Yellowstone has also been a learning experience for #rvlivingfulltime #rvling #rvlife . With the nearest big town two hours away, learning to buy, store, and organize food/provisions has been different. So far we have been able to purchase food for up to three weeks at a time and get it all into the fridge and pantry. Sometimes, stocking the RV refrigerator is like playing Jenga but it works. For the past year, the every-day-hero and I have been living the keto lifestyle and enjoying the health benefits of that so our selection of root vegetables has changed a bit. Radishes, turnips, and parsnips are now a basic staple.

Along with all of these changes, we have been doing a load of hiking when we can. I'm afraid my faithful hiking shoes may be wearing thin with the miles they have trod. I am seriously thinking I will buy a new set of the same shoes soon.

This leads me to my next point, be prepared for where you are going. It is somewhat shocking to see and hear people who do not seem to understand they are entering wild country. From, way too close encounters, with wild animals, to lack of cell service and modern amenities, Yellowstone is truly wild. Not only is Yellowstone larger than several states, but it is also wide open and truly wild. Although modern roads carry you through the park the wide-open spaces are barely managed. All too often we hear of a bear or bison encounter that ends in injury to the person and often destruction of the animal due to ignorance of where we are. Yellowstone is situated at elevations ranging from 6,000 feet to over 8,000 feet above sea level. This elevation and climate create other challenges for those visiting as well and need to be considered. One, always have plenty of water. I carry a camelback when hiking and usually go through most of my 2 liters of water carried in the pack.

Along with a supply of water we carry first aid equipment, emergency camping gear, and fire-starting supplies and of course bear spray. We don't leave home without it. We also purchased a water filtration straw that allows you to pull water from a stream in an emergency. Having witnessed first hand, the ravages of elevation sickness in Bryce Canyon we are extra careful. We were thankful that on that day we had enough water to offer the person suffering from this serious issue because we were prepared. It is vital when entering a National Park or wild area to be prepared. There is virtually no cell service here in the park and calling 911 is generally not an option. Do your homework and come prepared so that you will have the best time possible and not have to worry about dehydration. For me, even now, I struggle to stay well hydrated each day. On top of the usual limitations to a vast National Park like Yellow