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The Slow Roll

Maintenance. We all have to do it. We have car maintenance, house maintenance, and even family maintenance. For us this time parked in Florida is full of maintenance on our motor-home. Yes, we just got it in December but the very careful every-day-hero likes to make sure that everything is up to snuff before we roll out into 2019. Yesterday we washed the the whole camper and wow my step counter was kept busy. It looks great though. Today the hero is polishing and waxing. He's going to be tired tonight. Fortunately he'll do it in stages, just one side at a time.

We have also begun to learn how to live in this larger rolling home. I'm beginning to master the skill of cooking in a convection microwave oven and can tell you there will be a good deal of instapot meal prep in the near future. I've burned too many biscuits in the microwave already but I'm getting it.

We've also gotten a vacuum cleaner that will work in this space. It's pretty cool to have a battery operated sweeper that will actually work on carpet. I love that the crazy thing is called a Hero.

36ft Foretrave Motorhome

One of my goals this year is to be more organized and I'm working on that. Making the transition from traditional sticks and bricks to a traveling lifestyle was extremely liberating in the sense that we had the freedom to go where we wanted. Or at least that is what we thought. It turns out that there are times when you are restrained by outside circumstances, primarily weather. For some reason driving this beast in ice and snow is not a great idea. Even here in Florida we've had a few cold days. I'm glad the furnace works well and keeps us toasty and warm. We are going to try to work our way into colder weather later this year and test our ability to deal with that. We'd like to spend the summer in Alaska this year and need to learn how to live in iffy weather.

For now we are planning a trip to St. Cloud Florida next week where we will be staying on Wildlife Management Land. We'll be testing out our boon-docking ability in this new rig and will find out if our solar and upgraded batteries will be enough for our crazy lifestyle. I'll make sure we get some pictures while we're out but I'm also looking forward to catching up with friends.

Available for pre-order

Another thing that we're learning during this down time from travel is how to work. I've been pushing hard to get some books organized for this year. I finished my next Biders Clump tale and today am spending some time plotting out books for multi-author groups this year. It all comes down to organization. I am also anxiously awaiting the release of Wendi's Wish book #23 of the Alphabet Mail-Order Brides series. I'm really nervous about this book and hope that it doesn't disappoint. I have loved being a part of this amazing series and working with such an awesome number of authors.

I have lots more planned for this year, some of it only in my head, others written out of scheduled in the trusty planner. I'm feeling pretty ambitious about getting lots of books and trusting my work will be able to support our crazy adventures. I hope you are looking forward to a new year full of adventures, friends, and family as well. Let me know what you'd like to see from me this year in 2019? Let me know.


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