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Rosa A Needful Bride

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Rosa Rodriguez is independent for the first time in her life. She has a job she enjoys, and a way to provide for herself and her daughter. Surrounded by friends, she battles the sorrow, anger, and shame of the past, uncertain of what her future could bring.
Will her misconceptions, doubts, and lack of trust steal her chance at love?
Dan Gaines has been focused on building his ranch, providing for his men, and caring for the town of Needful. As the reluctant mayor of the tiny cow town, he is determined to meet the needs of all who live there, but one particularly stubborn woman won’t let him help. As his frustration turns to infatuation, his feelings of personal guilt over his friend’s death keeps him from seeing what is right before his eyes.

Will circumstances, misunderstandings, and danger separate him from the one who owns his heart?

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