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Peri A Needful Bride

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Periwinkle Perkins is determined to become an independent woman. After the death of her father and departure of her sister Prim, Peri knows that she can’t live off the generosity of her aunt forever. Tasked with caring for her invalid mother while her older sister tries to establish a new home for them as a mail-order bride, Peri sets out to find the money her recently deceased father has hidden. If she can only find Pa’s stash Periwinkle can take her mother to Needful Texas to join her sister and set up a home of her own. Always a hopeless romantic before Peri now wishes only for the security of a steady income to provide for her mother, but will she find the funds she needs or be stranded while her sister seeks a man who is willing to accept a fully formed family? Desperate times called for desperate measure and Peri know she is up to the task.
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