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Vivacious and full of life Mae finds it difficult to adjust to the

strictures of life in the big city society of Boston. Although

fascinated by the rugged coastline and the strange ways of her aunt and

her friends Mae misses her home and family in Wyoming.
Estranged from her cousin Sean, who traveled with her to study, she endeavors to

master the routine of a high society lady. Determined not to let

circumstances dampen her enthusiasm for life, it isn't long until she's

smack-dab in the middle of her own adventure and making new friends.

Reese Middleton has always taken wealth and privileged for granted, but

has grown bored with the constant indulgent party life-style he and his

friends are accustomed to. Wishing to see his sister settled in a good

situation he is only biding his time until he can leave it all behind,

but when he meets the unconventional Mae James, on the very day she

saves his sister's life boredom turns to intrigue.

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