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Quiet, reserved and kind Fiona never puts herself in the middle of things at the Broken J Ranch, at least not until the larger than life Hank Ballard arrives. Suddenly she’s in the thick of it as the weary builder steps in to her life in a big way. Strangely drawn to his son, Fiona soon finds herself deeply attracted to the man himself.
Hank Ballard, worn down after trying to eke out a living in the big city while single-handedly raising his small son, is shocked to discover that no one seemed to be expecting him at the one place he had been assured would be a safe haven for himself and his boy. Arriving early in the middle of a snow flurry he discovers that only one person seems to be willing or able to welcome him to the big ranch and Fiona’s kindness to both him and his son works its way in to his tired, world weary heart.
But will miscommunication, false expectations and a lack of understanding of the workings of the heart keep them apart?
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