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Exciting Days.


The past three months have been an exciting time for me.  I've already published three books and am working on another.  My current Work in Progress is the third book in The Cattleman's Daughters  series.  Book one in the series was Katie's story while book two featured Fiona the third child.  This one will finally catch Meg up in the uncertainties of love.  Along with this my fellow author's in the Western Historical Romance genre have been busy and have published a series called American Mail Order Brides. This exciting series features fifty brides in fifty states in fifty days.  Please check out their amazing work at the following link.


More Broken J Brides.


From where I sit on my sunny balcony today I can clearly see the brides of the Broken J ranch.  There will be new adventures, heartaches and joy in the months to come.  First, however Cathleen will have a chance to tell her tale and how she came to wed an old cowhand like  Benji .   Watch for their story coming just in time for Valintines Day. 




2016; Off to a Great Start.


This year has started off in a race to get the ideas out of my head and onto paper, or at least the blanks screen.  So far we've seen Meg, this year and now Isabella's love story is out.  Soon the more complete story of Ray Deeks will be out and Alexis is riding hard to keep up with her sisters in marital bliss.  I don't know why the characters are all in such a hurry this year but I'm happy to follow them where they may lead.  Another story is close on the heels of the James girls as I'm also working on a new Strong Hearts: Open Spirit story so stay tuned and lets see where this year takes us.  I'm sure grateful for all of you have stuck with me on this ride and love sharing all of my work with you.  Stay tuned!

Already April? Where did the time go?

I can't believe how fast this year is flying by. There have been ups and downs already but through faith and hard work it will prove a good year.  I'm starting to work on some new things this year and have actually started my first Contemporary Western and am so excited. Along with this new endeavor we've seen three installments in the Tales from Biders Clump and two more are on there way as well. I hope you're enjoying my tiny town at the foot of the Rockies and are having as much fun as I am getting to know the characters.  

As the year progresses I'm sure we'l see some old and new faces, revisit the old haunts and step out on new adventures together. Thanks for being with me on this journey. See you soon. 

More from Biders Clump.

We have a new bride in Biders Clump, Lucinda has found her hero and there are more adventures to come.

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