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Pablo Jimenez counts his blessings every day. He has his own humble auto repair shop, a family who loves him, and some good friends for a bit of fun. What he doesn’t have and doesn’t need is a pretty, pesky customer with a classic truck with a mind of its own. Portia Princeton loves all things auto. From her racy Jaguar to her vintage RV, now all she needs is for her classic truck to be restored in time for Christmas. With nowhere else to turn in the backwoods of Michigan, she limps her way to Pablo’s Garage as a last resort. Will she get exactly what she wants, or what she truly needs?
Find out if Mrs. Claus can bring two lonely hearts together with a hint of magic and a whole lot of fun, in this Christmas in July romance. Short, sweet, sassy, and a little Santa on the side.
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Susan Holmes is on a mission to solve the mystery of the painted ponies and she isn’t going to let anything stand in her way. She has heard the story too many times from her grandmother to let a nosy Watkins steal her glory. But will desire to put this conundrum to rest, lead to danger she didn’t count on? Born to a family of means, Susan doesn’t know how to give up and that could spell disaster.
David Watkins has known about his families sketchy past for as long as he can remember, but when his grandmother’s dying wish prompts him to investigate his grandfather’s disappearance, things really start to heat up. Determined to find the real culprit to the decades old case, he soon finds himself knocking heads with the most delightful Miss Holmes. Will he out whit the pretty pretender before she discovers the truth or will they both be thrown into jeopardy that threatens not only their lives, but also their hearts?
Young, irresponsible, and determined to have life his way, Nathan Draper turned his back on his life’s biggest mistake. Now, as his heart is turned from selfish desires, he doesn’t believe he is strong enough to face the consequences of that decision. Taking a job at the Broken J is only meant to hold him over until he starts a real job, but will time with his mentor and grandfather-in-Christ help him find his way?
Rainy Smythe has been living with the wrong choices for five long years and finally feels she is getting a foot hold on a new start. A short trip with friends and family to a dude ranch is just what she needs to get her head on straight and start living again. Will the mistakes of an imperfect past lead to the perfect future? Find out in this sweet, clean, Christian contemporary, western romance.

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