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Brides of Needful Texas, Book 7

Teddy Lewis has waited long enough to receive his mail-order bride, but she is nowhere to be seen. As impatience mounts, the young cowman doesn’t let an opportunity go to waste when an emergency calls Olive Hampton away, leaving the newest arrival in Needful, Texas entirely on her own.
Amanda Antonia has lost everything she ever owned and loved when her mother remarries, scandalously soon, after the death of Amanda’s father. Seeking a new start in life and a loving protector of her own, she is soon tossed into the wilds of Texas, utterly unprepared for rowdy cowboys, roaming cattle, and riotous romance.

Whispers in Wyoming, Book 25

Young, irresponsible, and determined to have life his way, Nathan Draper turned his back on his life’s biggest mistake. Now, as his heart is turned from selfish desires, he doesn’t believe he is strong enough to face the consequences of that decision. Taking a job at the Broken J is only meant to hold him over until he starts a real job, but will time with his mentor and grandfather-in-Christ help him find his way?

Rainy Smythe has been living with the wrong choices for five long years and finally feels she is getting a foot hold on a new start. A short trip with friends and family to a dude ranch is just what she needs to get her head on straight and start living again. Will the mistakes of an imperfect past lead to the perfect future? Find out in this sweet, clean, Christian contemporary, western romance.

Tales from Bider's Clump, Book 14

Alden Quaide has known little more than hard work and life on the trail. A cowhand, wrangler, and bronc buster, Alden has seen a lot of the country, but he wants to see more. With a little savings, a good horse, and a spirit of adventure, he sets out to see the Nation’s first National Park and find his dreams. When a chance encounter with tragedy and responsibilities he never expected, Alden needs to find the closest port in a storm. Will he find what he needs in Biders Clump as his life of adventure turns to a life of care?
Clara Cuthbert has been quietly wasting away in her father’s stately home, but when he passes away leaving her everything, she knows adventure is on the horizon. Setting her affairs in order, the now independent Clara sets out to see the wonders her nation has to offer, but will a helping heart and a chance at love derail her plans?

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