Danni Roan


 Danni Roan, born in rural western Pennsylvania, has always loved the country life. Her first work published under her real name, Paula Liddle-Beem, is a collection of folk essays about childhood in the lush, green mountains of PA.

Being a teacher of English and English as a Second Language for the past twelve years has only inspired Danni's love of writing Western Historical Fiction.

After receiving her Masters of Education in Teaching English as a Foreign Language she determined to indulge her passion for fiction writing. Teaching both in the USA and abroad has exposed Danni to a wide range of people from all walks of life and she tries to capture that unique character in her work.

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful story about grief and healing

Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2020

"This is one of the most beautifully written stories. The pain Ellery feels after the death of his wife is so well written that my heart broke for him.
The way the author helped him heal gently and over time was simply amazing.
The heroine doesn’t ever question that her goal is to love the children and help them recover from their loss. This amazingly well developed character is love personified. She’s so real. She’s just broken enough to understand the deep pain her charges feel, yet hopeful enough to bring light to a family drowning in darkness.
If you’ve lost the light in your life, this book may help you regain hope. If you’ve dealt with depression you will find things to relate to in this story.
Regardless of where you are in life, this story will touch you and bring you a beautiful ending that’s really a precious beginning"

After two long months of waiting Polly and George Olson's oldest son returns to Biders Clump but he's not the man they once knew. Having lost his wife, Ellery returns home where he knows his children will be well cared for while he checks out of life. Heartbroken and overcome by grief he hides away from the rest of the world unable to even care for his own little ones.
Ernestine Haven is looking for a new job as a governess but when she receives a letter offering her a place at a boarding house in Wyoming, she knows there is more to the simple words than meets the eye. Does she have the strength to take the job and provide for the four children who must be so lost and alone? Will going to Biders Clump prove the answer to her prayers or will she once more be forced to leave behind little ones she has grown to love. Taking the chance that she will find real joy out west Ernie accepts the job but will it prove too much for her soft heart to handle or will it give her the hope and home she has always wanted?


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