Danni Roan


 Danni Roan, born in rural western Pennsylvania, has always loved the country life. Her first work published under her real name, Paula Liddle-Beem, is a collection of folk essays about childhood in the lush, green mountains of PA.

Being a teacher of English and English as a Second Language for the past twelve years has only inspired Danni's love of writing Western Historical Fiction.

After receiving her Masters of Education in Teaching English as a Foreign Language she determined to indulge her passion for fiction writing. Teaching both in the USA and abroad has exposed Danni to a wide range of people from all walks of life and she tries to capture that unique character in her work.

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Secrets of the father from beginning to end. Katie is a great promise in this series. Katie is twenty-four and head strong. She knows she will never get married; that's until she meets the compose Wilson. As the new foreman of her father's ranch they get thrown together often. But who is orchestrating this relationship? Will time together make them grow together or will they be at odds.

How does a father get his daughter to realize that she can't take care of everyone if

she doesn't take care of herself?


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