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 April Release


Belinda Drummond has never been allowed to make a decision in her life. After a match made by her mother goes terribly wrong, she finds herself alone and at the mercy of an uncle she has never met.
Can a simple hostler make a match to save the girl from shame and sorrow?
Brougham is a man with too much past and no right to a name he has abandoned. His mountain home, lonely, isolated, and filled with hard work, has been his refuge and saving grace. Will the ghosts of the past give him the courage to help one in need or will they shatter another life in the process?

May Release


Genevieve loves to tell a good story. She loves to read a good story, but fighting to get the words on the page is exhausting. As an aspiring writer, Genni joins Book Club looking for inspiration and a chance to tell others about her heartfelt tales. With a mind toward writing a bestselling novel, Genni is completely unprepared for the twist her life will take when she meets the magical matchmaker, Dr. Lachele.
Can a dream become your real life? Can a dyslexic author find freedom not in the written word but as a traveling story-teller in the heart of true love?
Find out now.


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