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When a lonely cowpoke goes to see a play, he has no idea how his life will change, but from the moment George lays eyes on Polly Esther, he knows he’s lost. Can taking a job with a traveling show give George the home he has always longed for? He’s already lost his heart to the beautiful young woman with the sunshine hair. Will he lose everything else as well?
Polly has her doubts about her father hiring a cowboy to help the manage their traveling show, but she’s learned over the years that her parents don’t make decisions lightly. Still, the handsome George Olson is a distraction. Will he prove useful, or will his hot temper, and lack of faith bring them all to ruin?
Find out in the prequel to the Tales from Biders Clump Series, where hearts find home, hope, help, and faith mixed with a healthy helping of love.
Charlene Winnow has never felt like she fit in with the high society she grew up in. More interested in her father’s successful construction business, she knows she is a disappointment to her mother and the expectations of a sophisticated lady. When a fight with her mother drives her from her home, Charlie finally grasps her destiny, renovating the house of her dreams. Will a Victorian home in need of new life be the inspiration for Charlie’s transformation?

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