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Heidi Fortuna has never wished to wed, but when her father brings her and her sisters to Needful, Texas to become mail-order brides, she finds a safe haven in which to hide.
Careful, shy, and quiet, Heidi finds work at the local boarding house and is content to stay there serving others in obscurity.
When a rough-looking man with hard eyes and a big pistol on his hip comes to town, Heidi finds herself assisting him after a cat leaves him battered and bleeding.
Boden’s past is hidden in darkness where he would like it to stay. A hard man who has led a hard life, he is seeking peace in the tiny town of Needful. When shy Heidi catches his eye, her kindness is everything he has never been.
Will danger bring two unlikely people together or separate them for life?

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Catherine Harvey has been given an ultimatum but is it one she can live with? Her family has determined that she must wed and have presented her with two choices, but how does she choose between her best friend and a dashing man of means?                                              Jaden Ackerman has been friends with Catherine his whole life. She’s a sweet, intelligent, and kindhearted girl but there has never been any spark between them. Will friendship sacrifice everything to protect her from a devious pretender?                                        When Catherine runs away from the conflict will one man find the courage to win her heart?


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