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Holly Stiver is stepping up to help her grandmother market Stiver’s Jams and Jellies. Now that the old lodge in the mountains of Tennessee has been closed, their best market is gone. Can she find a way to get the word out about the best sweet spreads in the state or will her grandmother’s dream crumble like an overcooked biscuit?
James can’t understand why his grandfather left the rundown lodge to him, but he’s grateful for a roof over his head, even if it might have leaks. Between jobs, James needs to figure out how to get the place back up and running. Perhaps this is the break he’s been hoping for. Can a one-time computer engineer figure out how to make a profit in the hills of Tennessee? Only time will tell.
Gwyneth Acres has always had all she needs. The daughter of a wealthy business-man, her petulant decision to run away with the love of her life, leads to meager means and the need for a safe haven. Becoming a mail-order bride until her family will welcome her home, seems to be the opportunity she needs. Sneaking from her fancy hotel and boarding a train she soon arrives to the tiny town of Littleton only to have all of her plans dashed by the preacher. Desperate and nearly destitute, Gwyneth takes the gamble of her life. Will she choose well or will her poor choices of the past ruin everything?
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