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The Long Roll

#rollingandwriting has been on the road for two years in this very rig. Where have we been and what have we done? We'll take a look back and see.

As we put two new stickers on our map this month I took a moment to look back at where we came from, where we've been, and what comes next. #rollingandwriting has been an interesting adventure but like anything, it is always subject to change.

The every-day-hero and I set out in July of 2018 to see our own country. After nearly fourteen years of living overseas, we wanted to see our homeland and the wonders it had to share.

With our son in college and living in another town and a perfect opportunity to sell up and move out the hero and I prepared our little travel trailer for the road. It was a nice trailer and a great truck, but we discovered by December of that year that the way we traveled with ur twenty-one-foot trailer was not good enough for full time. In reality, when we bought that rig we had no intention of going full time. The original plan was to use the rig for holidays, summers, and long weekends. Since we were teachers it seemed like the perfect way to ease into the full-time RV life.

What happened to that plan you ask? Life. The school where I was working had to downsize for the next year and instead of having younger teachers with fewer years in the system than me have to move on, I decided it was the perfect time to go. Since the Hero was still subbing at that time and the house was up for sale, he agreed and by July we were on the road.

Our little rig was comfortable but pretty small, and though it served us well we knew that we wanted to make a change. We loved life on the road and wanted to extend it as long as possible so the hero started doing his homework as we worked our way through the southwest toward Texas and the home of Foretravel motorhomes. We didn't know exactly what we wanted, or how it would work out but we knew that since we moved every week or two we wanted something easy to move out and be on the road. By Thanksgiving that year we were in Texas visiting family but not before stopping to check out used motor homes at Motor Homes of Texas in Nacogdoches. I love the name of that town. We fell in love with a coach right away

but by the time we got into the office, it was sold. We determined to head southeast to Corpus Christi to visit family and then would loop back to see what else might be around.

Just the fact that we could roll into a family member's driveway and hang out for a week over the holiday was another bonus for the RV life and helped us confirm that we wanted to keep on #rollingandwriting. After Thanksgiving, we rolled into MOT again and found our new home. They say timing is everything and in this case it was. There were two coaches that had just arrived the night before and I knew almost immediately which one I liked best. To be honest I was hoping for something a little smaller but our current rig passed the hero's inspection and my 'feels like home' test so we negotiated and bought our big white rig.