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Rolling and Reflecting for the New Year

Today I am reflecting on the past year as I begin planning and looking toward a new decade and new year. 2019 has been a year of blessing and sorrow as we toured even more of our

amazing country, but also had to bid farewell to many we love. Looking back at my blog post it is with sorrow I realize I haven't written a blog since August when my mother was hospitalized with a heart issue. At eighty-seven she is still a firecracker but her body is slowing down and she gave us a scare. On one hand, it has been wonderful to spend more time back home with family but too many trips this past year have been a rush home for emergencies and funerals.

In life change is inevitable but some changes are hard to take and saying good-bye to my bonus mom was one of those things. I know she is rejoicing in heaven but it is so hard missing her all the time. As I look forward to 2020 I am looking forward to a year filled with JOY. I have chosen this word for the New Year because no matter what our circumstances we can find joy in the knowledge of salvation and grace through Jesus.

Looking back at this past year it is remarkable what has been accomplished and I can only believe that 2020 will be better as I learn and grow as a person and as an author. I'm already eye-ball deep in two books coming out in January and have plans for many new adventures in writing. I hope and pray that my words might bring a bit of joy, laughter, or reflection into the world and bless the hearts of those who read my books. I've updated a few of my favorite stories this past year and am looking forward to new and exciting reads. If you have missed any of the books published in 2019 please check out my Amazon Page and see what you can find.

Along with reflecting on my writing, I am thinking about all of the rolling we have done in 2019 as well. Never in my younger years would I have imagined driving through Alaska or seeing Crater Lake in Oregon. The wonder of it all still overwhelms me at times and I have learned so much about life on the road through every mile. Not every experience has been wonderful but it has been an experience I will never forget. Oddly some of the things that surprise me most are simple aspects of this lifestyle, many of which are extraordinarily mundane. We have adjusted and adapted many things for living full-time in an RV. Simple things need to be thought of when you live in a 'house' that gets a thumping each time you start down the road. You need different equipment for living this way and here are a few things I wouldn't want to be without.

For example, our insulated cups. These simple cups go everywhere with us and are used for drinking in the RV as well as on the road in the Jeep. It is much easier to fill them up and travel than to constantly buy or store bottles of water. Since the RV has a freshwater capacity of over one hundred gallons it just makes sense. Another unexpected item I wouldn't want to be without is a plastic dishpan. When we initially set out I thought this item would save us some room in the 'gray tank' or wash water tank but it has been far more useful than for doing dishes and tossing the water out the door. I have used it for washing the RV, cleaning shoes, catching drips, and most recently it saved us from a nasty spill when the lid on a bottle of cleaner worked loose spilling into this basin I keep my cleaning supplies in.

There are many surprises in RV living and these are just a few that I am thankful for.

Our adventures aren't over yet in this crazy rolling and writing, in fact, we are starting to think about where, what, and when we will be out and about in 2020. We are hoping to get to the Tampa RV SuperShow starting on January 14th. We also plan to connect with good friends in the Fort Meyers area, Ocala, and even back to Saint Cloud. I hope as we step into a new year you'll join us on this journey. Pick up a good book, follow our lead and take a trip, or just sit back and see where we go next.

In the meantime, I wish you love, peace, and JOY for the new year. Tell those around you how much they mean and seize the day. God bless from Danni.

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