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Ready, Set, Yellowstone!

#rollingandwriting settling into Yellowstone National Park

We all know that this has been an odd year. So much is happening and not happening at the same time. Originally, the every-day-hero was supposed to take up a job in Yellowstone National Park at the Old Faithful Inn, but that was delayed. Now, however, we are here at the Lake District and starting in July instead of April. As with anything else in the #rvlife you just have to roll with it.

First, let me say Happy 4th of July! I hope your holiday weekend was a good one and that you had time to reflect on the many blessings this country has afforded.

As I have always told my students, in my teaching years, every country goes through growing pains. We can rest in God's great grace that this will be a wrinkle in time as well and that we can find our firm foundation once more.

We had no fireworks here in Yellowstone, but we have had plenty of visitors to our RV spot. Deer, Elk, and Bison are prolific in the park and seem to make the rounds of every environment. Bull Bison are usually solitary creatures and can be found making their way through various areas foraging for the best grass. They can also be rather hard on the trees, as we witnessed yesterday when one decided to rub his head against a small tree next to our rig. Yes, broken branches and ripped bark are common. Although the bison are big and a bit rough, we have also had quieter visitors like the young buck, in velvet that walked through yesterday morning.

One animal we have not seen in the area yet is a bear, and that is just fine with me. I'm not afraid of any of these animals but I do respect their strength and prowess. One of the first questions you will be asked as you meander, even the RV area here is, 'do you have your bear spray'.

Bear spray is an essential to living, working, or visiting Yellowstone. The super-duper pepper spray can repel bears if used appropriately and at the right time. Fortunately, most bears just want to be left alone. If you don't startle them, don't run from them, and don't interfere with them, they will usually leave you be. Of course on the off chance that something does not go to plan, it is always best to be safe.

With the every-day-hero off to work each day, what am I doing to keep busy? That's pretty easy to answer. I'll be writing and writing and writing. I already have my July release up for preorder and just finished one of two August release books. I also, love being an RV-wife. Yes, I'm laughing at that too. I'm getting some spaces reorganized this week and doing some extra cleanings. Since we will be here through October, if the snow doesn't fly too soon, it gives me time to rearrange and sort through things. I am seriously considering some storage changes to keep things in place when we travel. When you live in a rolling earthquake things can shift about very easily.

Of course, on the hero's day(s) off we will be exploring the park and getting to know all the hidden places to visit. I also plan on visiting with the amazing and lovely Peggy L. Henderson as soon as possible. If you don't know Peggy or her wonderful books stop by her page and find out more about her. She was so sweet the last time we visited and showed us around her favorite place, Yellowstone.

Now it is back to work for me. Keep your eyes peeled for my next releases!

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