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December Dreaming on a Roll

A new month and end of a tough year and much to do. #rollingandwriting

I can't believe it is December. Where did this crazy year go? 2020 is going to go down as one of the oddest years we've ever known and it isn't quite done yet. The months in this year seemed to have alternated between super slow and full steam ahead with little in between. Our rolling and writing life has never been like this before and I'm pretty sure it isn't done shifting, changing, and morphing yet.

We started 2020 in Florida with our family and took our annual tour of the state hitting the Tampa RV show and meeting up with a few of the Youtube RVers. That show was huge and we only had a few minutes with the folks but we did get one thing. In all likelihood, we were exposed to COVID 19 way back then so when we fell ill later that year it looks like we got our immune boost whether we wanted it or not.

While in Florida we spent time with friends and family and found a few special spots to hang out before we hit the road again in March. It seems strange now looking back and realizing that the whole virus thing was about to blow up while we were on our way to Pennsylvania. The plan this year was for a long working stay in Yellowstone with an estimated arrival in April and a leave time of late October, but you know what they say about the best-laid plans of mice and men. By the time we reached PA and my mom's place COVID lockdowns were about to begin and we soon received a notice from Yellowstone that we had no job. We hunkered down, helping Mom out with shopping and things around the house but after two months we determined that we couldn't be more self-contained than by living in an RV and almost exclusively boondocking so we rolled on out again and found some nice stops where we could focus on the writing portion of the roll.

One of my favorite spots this year was a free camping site in Iowa. We were near the Schell Rock River and it was so peaceful. With the lockdowns, few people were on the road at that time and we had the place mostly to ourselves. We spent a quiet week just chillin' and finish up my work. It felt good to be on the road again, even if we did have to leave family behind without seeing most of them.

After our little stay in Iowa, we were at odd ends and not really sure what came next so we just rolled around headed generally west toward Wyoming with the hope that the every-day-hero would end up getting a job. Thankfully that worked out for us even if we didn't start until July 1st. Along the way, we also got to stop and visit with some friends, which is one of the nicest things about living in an RV. You can stop and visit but every night you still sleep in your own bed.

On top of all of the strangeness that was this year, sitting still was a new experience for us. Being in Yellowstone was a nice blend because we were sitting and working but also had lots of places to explore. Since we usually boondock it like getting spoiled with full hookups for so long. The trek to Tennesee was fast after we left the frigid west and that cold weather is trying to catch up. Again, with the hubby working, I'm writing and trying to keep ahead of the curve. I hope that once I'm caught up for this year I'll even be able to branch out into some new adventures in writing, but more on that later. As I

Schell Rock River Preserve Iowa

mentioned, sitting still is a little different than moving every week or two. This requires some different equipment as well that can help you prolong the life of items on your RV that sun can have a impact on. One thing you need to do when you are parked for any length of time that you want to do is cover your tires. Rubber tired will begin to check or crack over time and losing a tire on any rig can be not only expensive but also dangerous. There are many different RV tire covers so do your homework and find one that is right for you. Depending on your rig tires can be extremely expensive so take care of them.

Another item that can suffer sun-rot are your windshield wipers. The rubber can break down quickly in cold dry weather so keep them covered if you are parked for a long period of time. Again there are many varieties so find what suits you best.

So what comes next? Mostly maintenance. If all goes well we'll be work camping again in 2021 and that means the rig will need some TLC to be ready for another long roll. We are also considering some modifications to make the living space a little homier and create a better workspace for me since I'm home alone so much. One day we'd like to figure out how to set up a desk that will double as a table as well instead of a table that works as a desk.

We have learned a good deal this year with this new way to roll and are still dealing with some learning aspects. One thing we need to continue to figure out is cold weather camping. If we end up out west again and earlier this time we need a way to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Additionally clothing is an issue. In Yellowstone we did a lot of hiking and our boots wore out. We have both had to buy new boots but if we are in an area with snow again this spring that will require a differnt type of foot wear. I've been eyeing these. What do you think?

Every roll, every month, and every year is a learning experience when it comes to #rollingandwriting. I enjoy learning about how to live in the RV but also about the flora and fauna of the locations we visit. I have always loved the outdoors and this has been such a blessing to me. On top of all of that we have more time to spend with family and friends, or do the things we love.

The RV lifestyle is not for everyone but as this year turns over I'll continue to share my life and advetures with all of you.

I'm looking forward to this month. Dreaming of home and family, and all the holiday wonder that brings hope, peace, and joy. I'm optimistic about the new year and what comes next. We know that in this world trouble abounds but we can rest in perfect peace in the confidence the is the Reason for the Season. So from our heart to yours, from our home to your home, Merry Christmas!

A glimpse of things from this year.

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