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This week has been a unique experience even though we have arrived in a familiar place. We left Oregon early last week and headed for Idaho. Last year we had a wonderful stay in Idaho with my friend and fellow author Kirsten Osbourne and we determined to stop and visit once more.

Rolling through Oregon into Idaho we ended up in some road construction as we started up a hill a truck ahead of us kicked up a rock which chipped our windshield.

It wasn't a huge chip but it was more of an X type chip instead of a spaul and when we stopped at the Hayspur Fish Hatchery for a couple of days the temperature fluctuations made the chip turn to a vertical crack from top to bottom. Fortunately we are a members of AAA and our insurance, through them, has a motor club where there is no copay on windshields. When I called them, they had no shops near us but they had two in the town we were headed to to visit with my friend. We did have to call them again to let them know it was a crack and not just a basic repair anymore. Along with this interesting event once we got settled for our week of 'driveway surfing' we decided to get the Jeep washed only to

discover that its windshield is also cracked. It was a bit embarrassing to have to call the insurance company again, only a short time later, to report the other windshield. Life is a little crazy. We have been rather amazed that we managed six weeks through Alaska and Canada, on some roads that are notorious for windshield damage only to have both of them damaged in the lower 48.

One of our major goals for visiting Idaho again was to visit Craters of the Moon National Monument. This area of Idaho which covers large sections of the high plains was created by repeated volcanic activity with a variety of different types of flows. In the park you will see cinder towers, cinder tubes, lava caves, and odd rubble formations. The area is also full of history as at the Oregon Trail actually used the Goodall Cut off to pass through this rugged, unearthly looking landscape.

Idaho, has shared its astounding landscape with us. Tall peaks, open plains, vast hay fields, and wide glimmering lakes. It is nice to be still for a bit and have friends to spend time with. Connection is important in this rolling life. It is also a blessing that with the work that has to be done on both vehicles we have a safe harbor where we can settle in and stay put. It also allows me the chance to order peanut butter and replenish my supply of books. No matter where we roll we meet and spend time with remarkable people. Friends, family, new camping acquaintance.

No matter where you are on this earth, you will end up missing someone, I am thankful for all of the people on this journey who have made it such a wonderful experience as we travel the country, rolling & writing.

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