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Not Quite Ready to Roll

Tonight we are all buttoned up and a little lopsided too. You would think that with a 'new to us' rig we would be all ready to just hit the open road but not quite. As a matter of fact we are up on jacks on one side of the RV while we do brakes maintenance.

Just like any other vehicle an RV has parts that regularly need replaced. For now we're still picking over the camper to make sure that when we start moving north it should be a worry free drive. I'm just glad the list of things to do is getting shorter and shorter by the day.

One of the deciding factors in buying our current rig was the care and maintenance the previous owner had put into it. It was evident by simply looking at it. Another was the fact that even with the slide in you had room to do anything you needed to in the camper. It's a little tighter pulled in but you can still use all of the seating and be comfortable. The only thing I can't get to with the slide in is my pantry. I learned on the very first day we drove this that if we are traveling and staying in locations where you can't put the slide out (parking lot docking) I would have to get everything out I wanted to cook

and put it in another cupboard.

Another thing we really liked about our camper was the 'north/south' facing bed. This means that the bed is positioned at the back of the camper with the head at the back and the foot facing the front of the camper. For me having a north/south bed means more comfort and maneuverability. This is purely a matter of personal taste for the most part but I like the fact that no matter if the slide is in or out, or what direction we are parked in I can always get around both sides of the bed and get to all of the cabinets in the bedroom.

So since we are doing maintenance and basically avoiding the colder weather up north you would think this means I have loads of time to work at writing. Well not necessarily. As a couple the every-day-hero and I are pretty good at getting things done and pretty handy with a variety of skills. Of course, the problem with being able to do things yourself is that you have to do things yourself.

Even with all of the work and organizing going on we did managed to get a way to visit friends in Saint Cloud Florida recently. While there, we stayed in the WMA or Wildlife Management Area. These areas are undeveloped lands used for open range cattle, hunting, and wildlife conservation. We really enjoyed the ten days we spend in the WMA. It was about thirty minutes outside of town but even with the extra expense of gas it was cheaper than staying in a campground and we got to really test out the capacity of our RV. We were very comfortable on this quiet spot of land and never had any issues with the hunters and other guests who stopped by. We even met some fellow full timers and had the chance to swap stories with them. To stay on WMA land it is best to get a permit that allows you access to the gated hunting and conservation areas. This permit costs $27.00 at WalMart and is good for one year. It made me feel special being able to come and go as needed. We even got out into the forest for a few good walks an met up with some cracker cows.

I'm really looking forward to sharing all of our future adventures with you in 2019. I don't know exactly where the road will lead us or even when we'll roll out but I know I look forward to you being a part of the journey. In the meantime don't forget to check out my books. I've already got two books out this year. Both Wendi's Wish and Winter's Worth are hot off the presses. The next book is a bit of fun as well and here's the first official cover reveal right now.

We'll see you 'round the next bend.

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