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Rolling into a New Year

I can't even believe that it is 2019 and the New Year has begun. Looking back on 2018 I smile, sigh, and grieve, but this is a fresh start and a new beginning. I can't believe how much was done last year but my calendar is already filling up this year. I've taken the time to re-evaluate a few things and am working on developing a better system of getting the work done while balancing life.

One of the first changes will directly effect this blog. I have been trying for the past few months to publish a blog every Friday but it is difficult to provide fresh and interesting insights every week. Especially on those weeks when we are just doing boring old things like replacing the carpet in the RV bathroom with tile. So I've decided instead of blogging about Rolling and Writing weekly I'll be doing every two weeks instead. I'll still be sharing our journeys, adventures, and writing with you but will hopefully be able to provide deeper and more interesting content by cutting down on posts. On top of Rolling and Writing I am also producing a monthly Blog at Cowboy Kisses on the third Tuesday of each month so you can pop in there and find out more about my writing and the historical settings of many of my books.

2019 is also bringing a few changes to my writing experience. I have the great privileged of being a part of three group projects where I have the honor of working with many well known authors. The first series The Alphabet Mail-Order Brides Series launched on January 1st and a new book will launch each day of January. This series was so much fun to work on especially since it combined to of my great loves; Writing and teaching. If you haven't had a chance to check out this series yet I hope you take a few minutes and do so. I have learned so much and been so encouraged by this group project.

I will also be a part of the Prairie Roses Series for Mother's Day. This exciting series will be a gift from the heart to honor mothers everywhere. This Christian series will feature adventure on the trail west, highlighting the bravery and stead fast nature of the women who made this difficult journey. My fellow authors and I will be working toward our own journey as we write each tale.

The third series should be a whole herd of fun, as I work with my friend Pastor George McVey to wrangle some brides into their rightful places. This series features a young man with his hands full after his aunt leaves him with a passel of young women who are expecting to tie the knot. The Bride Herder series should come with some goofs and giggles as well as a much longed for happily ever after. My book isn't schedule to come out until June, but keep an eye out for trouble on the horizon as the series will start in May.

So you can see that 2019 is chocked full of goodness. I'm also very excited about my own projects and have four

documents open already. I started writing the opening scenes in four books in the last days of 2018 and just couldn't seem to stop. We'll revisit Biders Clump, catch up with the crew of The Cattleman's Daughters, and Whisper our way through Wyoming.

As for the rolling part, we're starting to book a few things for this year so that we'll have a better idea where we will be at any given time. Our ultimate goal this summer is to visit Alaska while also making the time to connect and spend time with friends, family, and fans. There are one or two author events I'm also considering and once we see how travel looks we'll be booking those. This month I'm looking forward to visiting with my cousin who has made the trek to Florida with her hubby and her horses to find a reprieve from the cold and wet winter up north. We will also be headed down to the Saint Cloud area later in the month to catch up with friends who are trying the snow-bird life for the first time. All in all 2019 is stacking up to be action packed and interesting.

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