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Rolling, Writing & Reflecting

As the New Year approaches I find myself reflecting on the year that has gone by. 2018 brought many challenges, changes, and blessings into my life, each one bringing with it a new opportunity. I published eleven books this year and while that sounds like a lot, my books tend to stay under the fifty thousand word count so the overall production isn't huge. I really enjoyed having the chance to write more this year and focus my efforts on entertaining, inspiring, and encouraging others. If my books make even one person smile, or even better, make them think about their place in this world I feel like I've done well.

There are however, challenges to writing books and one of my biggest is marketing. In 2019 I want to learn more about marketing, and expanding the reach of my writing, while still maintaining the joy of connecting with my readers and friends. There is a great deal to know about marketing and selling the work I've completed. From what I've seen so far, there is a bigger market in telling people that you have the next great secret in marketing, than in actually saying what works in marketing.

A blessing in 2018 is that I've had more time to spend with friends and family. No, it's never enough but so much more than previous years. Going full time as an author is scary but it is also liberating. I'm still busy. I set my goals and work toward them but now I can be in different places more frequently and see people I love so much. It has been amazing to hang out with my best friends, spend time with my family, and meet new author and reader friends. Our decision to move into an RV and travel this year was a big change and happened all at once but it worked out ticking every box down the line, that was needed to make it possible. I'm so thankful for this chance even if I don't always get it right. Leaving Florida in July and traveling has given me glimpses of a country full of beauty, hope, and mystery as well as amazing people.

Along the road this year there have been many changes. One of the biggest is the change in our camper. We traded in our little twenty-one foot mini lite for a larger thirty-six foot motor home in December and have since been modifying it to meet our needs. The every-day-hero has transferred the solar panels and set up to the RV now which means that when we are 'unplugged' we will still have power. That's a little bit important for a writer who needs the computer fully charged at all times.

There will be more projects over the next few weeks and as we travel as well I'm sure. One big one we will work on a little at at time is the lighting. Old coaches have old lighting and we'll want to get LEDs in because they are more energy efficient and last so long.

The last few years have certainly had their ups and downs and we've had to say good-bye to far too many people that we love. It has taken its toll in many ways but we are rolling on day by day trying to find peace and balance. We'll be trying new things in 2019, and revisiting the old as well. I hope that you will continue to be with us as the new year dawns bringing with it new adventures, sites and sounds.

I do have one sneak peek at the way the new year will start to share with you. I was invited to be part of a big multi-author project called The Alphabet Mail Order Brides series. Book one will launch on January first and their will be a new book each day of January including one by yours truly.

I look forward to what this year has to offer and until we meet again. Happy Trails to each of you.

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