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Expect the Unexpected: Rolling & Writing

Last week my mother told me that I have two brains. I'm starting to think she is right. First there is my normal brain, the one that is highly organized, careful, and on task. Then there is my crazy writer brain that seems to run away with ideas and thinks the rest of me should be able to keep up.

Recently the normal brain decided that I should write a Christmas story, but I couldn't for the life of me think of anything. That's when crazy writer brain decided to do its part and come up with a Christmas series based on magical ornaments. How easy is that? Well to make it more interesting the crazy writer brain decided I should plug it to my author friends and see if anyone else wanted to participate.

Now we have four other authors charging into the fray with their own ornamental stories. Mine will be out on Saturday but everything else is scheduled higledy pigledy.

It's a little disconcerting now and then how my brain can jump from place to place and still manage to get things done. I've often been asked how I write so fast and a huge part of the reason is that I am very task oriented. I can set a goal and put everything in place to see that I get there at the appointed time. Of course that doesn't mean that the same brain that has designated the end goal won't start coming up with nine-hundred more ideas while in the middle of the set task.

One aspect of rolling and writing that makes this balance hard to find is the fact that there is so much more to do and see. This week we were in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area and along with seeing what this part of Texas looks like I had the wonderful chance to see people, of course this all happened on the same exact day so that was a little different. Good thing I'm not afraid of schedules.

Our first stop was to have lunch with some fantastic readers and authors from a group that took me

and my crazy writer brain in when I first tried my hand at a story. Pioneer Hearts is a Western Historical Romance group and you couldn't find a more supportive and friendly bunch. So for lunch I met several of these wonderful ladies for Mexican Food where we dined and visited to our hearts content.

After lunch I was pleased to get a chance to catch up with friends we knew in college. There is something amazing about catching up with old friends and feeling like you've never been apart. Years and miles may have separated you but time has not diminished the joy of friendship. What a fantastic time sipping coffee and chatting. This rolling thing is really letting us spend time with special people.

Finally for supper that night we met with my cousin and her husband. We visited for ages talking about home and family and all of the things that we've done. How it is possible to just pick up where you left off in life with someone? I don't know, but it's pretty great in my opinion.

This week has been a time of reflection, a time to catch up, reconnect, and simply roll with what comes next. I hope that you are finding the time to keep connections strong. For now we're following my crazy writer brain to unknown places both in writing and in travel. I don't know where this journey will take me next. Well, okay I know we're going to be in Texas for a bit longer, but it is a day by day thing to see what is right around the corner and for now that is just where I need to be.

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