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Roll on and Write!

The adventure continues with the hero and me tooling through Utah. I can't begin to describe all of the things I've seen.

Arches, pot holes, hoo-doos, cliffs, and so much more.

The colors are amazing; deep red, purple, green, brown, white and all piled on top of each other.

I'm truly thankful for this chance to be roliin' and writin' across the USA.

This picture is of Pine Tree arch and I couldn't help but wonder what landmarks would be called if they had fiction writers labeling them. I think the names would get even more colorful.

It has been a strange transition to this life. Some days I'm still overwhelmed by it all. I can't believe the number of things you can learn.

For example, did you know that the green layer on the face of some rock features is no copper leeched out by the rain but iron that has oxidized under water? The Moab basin was once a sea and so deposits did some funky stuff.

This was one view from our camper and what looks like white rock is actually the green from the iron. Who knew? Well I guess geologist did.

Not only have I been learning about the areas I've been visiting, I've been learning a whole new way of life. Travel is exciting but when you travel for a living you develop a different routine, a different rhythm.

I'm learning to cook differently, after all the stove is small, and I'm learning to shop differently as well. I think traveling in the US I'm starting to see how to scale back. We have far fewer left overs and shop for what we need more than what we want. It's also fun going to different grocery stores and seeing what you might find there that you've never seen before. I do have to admit that we've developed a bit of a doughnut habit though. Every time we go to a different store we have to try out their baked goods. We even tried a Spudnut in Logan Utah which is a doughnut made with potato flour. Good thing we didn't stay there too long or we'd need a new wardrobe.

Writing on the road is different as well. I have a better chance of setting my own schedule and working straight through something. I've caught up on two book I had been working on for months, wrote a whole new one and am now learning more about how to be a full time author. I'll be honest, it isn't easy. There is always something to be done. Book covers, marketing, editing, and so much more. But it is wonderful and just like traveling it seems to fill my heart with wonder.

Another aspect of this journey is camper life. It's not the same as living in a house at all. We've learned loads of things like how to make good cookies in our little gas oven, how long we can 'boondock' or dry camp with no hook ups, and how to do maintenance. We have solar panels that provide our power so we're even learning how to orient our trailer into the sun so we get a good charge each day. Now back to the writing.

Bryce Canyon Navajo Trail Loop

Capital Reef

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