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Change is a Good Thing!

There's a country song with the line "rain is a good thing." I'm switching that up a little and making it change is a good thing.

Change is inevitable in our lives and although sometimes stressful or difficult it can also be productive.

Just like rain brings new life to growing things change forces us to grow and bloom.

This summer has brought a multitude of changes to my life. I'm teaching back at my old post here in the states, living in my own house and working on new things. Good thing the 'every-day hero' is flexible too.

New Job

New writing project

New responsibilities

New truck

New routines

I'm hoping that things start to settle down soon but in the meantime I'm reminding myself to revel in the ability to adapt and grow. One challenge I've faced with a heart full of excitement is a new writing project. If you haven't heard I'm part of a series with a group of wonderful authors.

Whispers in Wyoming is a joint effort between yours-truly, Kari Trumbo, Lynn Winchester, Lisa Prysock, and Rachel Skatvold. This SWEET, Western, Christian series hearkens back to the elements of faith, love, and commitment passed down through generations or born anew in hearts who find redemption in unexpected places. Each story has a connection to Wyoming and an edge on modern struggles.

For more on this series join us at Whispers in Wyoming facebook page where you'll find new releases, updates, sneak peaks, cover reveals, contests and new friends. Oh, and stop by our individual pages to learn more about each of my special 'pen-friends'.

Not only is doing a group series a change for me, this series itself is my first foray into writing contemporary western romance. The first book in the series; Love Letters & Home

has actually been in my heart a long time and reconnects with the Broken J Ranch from my Cattleman's Daughters series. In writing that original series I couldn't help but think of the legacy left to me by my family. I come from a very large family on my mother's side and this raucous, loving family not only gave me great memories, but also love, laughter, and an understanding of God's amazing grace.

I mentioned earlier that change can be difficult and one issue I've had is getting organized and finding balance with my new schedule. One blessing is that my work day starts early but it is often tempting to try to over do things and not get enough rest. It has not been uncommon for me to be awake and moving at 4:00 a.m. At the moment I'm learning how to keep up with housework, school work, and writing as well as all the usual daily responsibilities. I'm not sure if you know this but I tend to be a highly organized person and to still be a little unsteady on my feet with adapting to getting things done is a little hard. Good thing I believe that God has a plan and I'll just have to stick with it.

Although life has served up some changes somethings stay the same. I'm working on a new book for my Tales from Biders Clump. I have to admit I've fallen in love with this crazy place and the folks from the tiny town at the foot of the Rocky Mountains really keep me on my toes. The people of Biders Clump have seen a lot of change in recent years but are welcoming new comers just the same. Don't tell, but some days I wish that, just like Aquila, I could check into the Boarding house and spend a few weeks writing while Polly Esther and George look after me and keep me fed. If you haven't had a chance to explore this old west town stop by and sit awhile.

So to sum up what's on my mind, change is tough but growth is good. I hope that as this year progresses, we will all embrace change and learn something new, try something new, embrace life, filling it with love, laughter, and faith.


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