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Start at the Beginning!


I am often asked when I started writing or how I got into writing western romance. I could answer by going back to when I was a kid and wrote down little stories at school, or a little later as a teenager sitting around the campfire telling how the cowgirl always got her man. I guess you could say I have always been a story teller. Years ago I even tried to write a couple of novels, sharing them with friends and family but always waiting until I was good enough, until I had everything just right, until someone would say yes this will do.

In our modern world with information at our finger tips, books, movies, and music on our phones, and an overload of personal choices it is much easier to publish a book, create an app, or write a blog.

So what made me take the plunge and actually publish that first book? What made me stop waiting for perfect? It was my oldest sister Cleo.

Cleo was the first author in our family. She'd been working on that perfect novel for nearly forty years. She was diligent, hardworking and funny, but the big publishing houses kept sending the stories back. That genre wasn't hot right now, or the heroine was too independent or whatever their reasons were.

Two years ago one of her books was finally accepted. Western romance was hot again. She was delighted and the fact that her first book was going to print lifted her spirits when she was diagnosed with Cancer.

My big beautiful sister went to be with the Lord before she saw her book in print. Talking books and horses were my biggest connection to Cleo. Since she was sixteen years older than me we found this to be solid common ground.

After her passing I asked one question. "What am I waiting for?" I decided I did not need anyone's approval to do something that made me happy. So I wrote Maggie's Valley and pushed that little button that made it go live. Writing that book opened the flood gates and I haven't been able to stop since.

I hope that answers the question of how I got started in writing. I'm terribly thankful to all of you who read my stories and let me know how much you enjoy them. It brings me joy and makes me think of how proud my sister would be. If you are interested in reading her book Buy a Cowboy is available through kindle and from the Pelican book group.

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