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Push the Button!


Danni Roan:

One of my favorite T.V. Shows has always been Dr. Who and if you know anything about the Doctor you know he cannot resist a big red button. He may push it just to see what happens, but he's only a story and his problems will be solved at the end of an hour. In real life however, that 'big red button' is a scary thing.

Sometimes life brings you an opportunity and you just have to go for it. Over the past few days I've

been thinking about how sometimes you have to take a deep breath and "push the button". When I wrote my first work I was pretty much clueless as to what I was doing but there came a moment in time when I had to either get on with it or give up.

Moving forward allowed me to learn from my mistakes and begin to improve on my process. My more recent books, although not perfect, are much better and it is my deepest hope that they are becoming the work I want them to be.

Throughout this new endeavor I have done my best to tick all of the boxes, check and re-check the work and make sure that everything is just perfect. They are not perfect. However, there comes a time in the development of each book that I realize I have to either push the button or give up.

Life, just like the stories, is also this way. In each of my stories there comes a time when the hero or heroine has to make a decision and move on or forever be stuck where they are.

I hope that when opportunity knocks on your door you'll know when it is time to push the button and see where it takes you. You never know what the next big adventure will be out there, so be bold, give it your best, check all the pros and cons, and when you've done all you can go ahead: PUSH THE BUTTON!

Here are what some other authors have to say about pushing the button.

Now tell us about your button pushing moment. Have you ever had that moment where you just closed your eyes and slammed your hand down?

Today I'll push the button on a new book: The Redemption of Rachel and see where it takes me. Check it out on Amazon.


Jacquie Rogers:

Sometimes pushing that button sends you in a different direction—a very scary direction. I’ve always written in the romance genre: western historical, fantasy, fantasy western, contemporary western. Then, three years ago Troy Smith of Western Fictioneers talked me into writing a traditional western short story. Okay, that wasn’t so scary, but the structure is definitely different, and the focus is not on the hero’s broad shoulders. That story was fun to write (will be reissued this year) and showed me that all stories don’t have to be centered around the romance. It was freeing, actually.