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Walk the Miles

A former head teacher used to say 'you have to walk the miles.'

I used to have a head teacher who would say ' you have to walk the miles to get there.' His simple expression actually said so much. As a teacher, you have to put in the hours to improve your craft. Hours of lesson planning, grading, testing, and cajoling students who are not always motivated, not to mention continuous professional development and learning. If you walk the miles you will eventually reach your goal. This is also very true in writing.

When I started this adventure in writing I had no idea how far it would take me and just like this image, I can see miles to go. Thankfully life only lets you see the road directly in front of you so that you are not overwhelmed.

As a reader I pick up a book, start at the beginning and run through to the end, enjoying the ups, downs and in-betweens of the story. It's easy, familiar and fun.

Now looking at the book from the inside it is a little different. Just like teaching I have to walk the miles and some days they are exhausting. There's the idea, which sparks the story, but there is so much more as well. Sometimes the story flies from my fingers, other times it's like slogging through cold mud to get the words on the paper. Like the beginning of a journey the story tends to start out fast but approaching the middle sometimes feels like you'll never reach the end. Long hours of research, days hunched over the keyboard wracking the brain for the right words, the right image, the right feeling, emails, posts, and images for covers as I try to communicate my vision, and an eternity of rewrites, edits, and tweaks to make the story just right.

What I'm trying to say is that writing is a load of work, but it is something I fell in love with. The joy of reaching the end is outstanding and I look back over my shoulder at the road traveled to get there. Each happy review, each comment or trace of excitement from a reader is like seeing that destination in a happy snap shot once more.

Sometimes readers ask about my writing process, how I started, where I work or what inspires me? At the end of it all I'd have to say I just walk the miles. Some times my feet get pretty tired but I keep going.

Thanks for being with me on this wonderful writing adventure, this journey to who knows where. Now let’s saddle up and see where the next road leads.

A friend shared this recently and it is so true.

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