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Things aren’t always as they appear.
Clayton Allen is a man with a

secret, one he clings to making it possible to control his rage. After

being cheated out of his ancestral Florida home, he strikes out on his

own hoping to find a place to start over and thinks the Broken J might

just give him a chance. But how long can he hold his mask of teasing

dandy in place before everyone knows him for who he truly is?

(Meg) James, romantic and dreamy longs for the excitement of the big

city. Her head is so full of thoughts of tall, dark and handsome heroes,

that when confronted with the real thing her pride threatens to destroy

them both. Her fiery temper and Penny Dreadful dreams of chivalry will

toss her straight into a situation that might not only be her undoing

but may demolish the trust of the Broken J.
Will two people

determined to best the other finally hear the call of a wandering heart

and be joined together or be shattered by the impact of wills?

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