The Cattleman's Daughters


Here you will find the current titles by Danni Roan.  We hope you enjoy the stories as much as she has enjoyed creating them.  There are links for each book if you find something you just have to have. 


Book One : The Catteman's Daughters


Katrion (Katie) James, the oldest daughter of the Broken J ranch has always been the serious, responsible one. Can she finally let go and answer the call of her heart, or will her mother’s dying words forever bind her to a life without a love of her own? Strong, independent and dedicated to her family Katie believes that life is all about responsibility. Working alongside her father to see that the ranch is successful she has all but forgotten she is a woman. Wilson Robertson, is down on his luck and tired of dusting the trails. Pushing thirty he longs for a piece of land of his own; a home. But when he meets the Cattleman's daughter his dreams could be lost for ever. Can two people determined to live up to their responsibilities learn that there is more to caring and loving than simply doing the right thing? Find out in this sweet historical western romance.


Book Two: The Cattleman's Daughter5


Quiet, reserved and kind Fiona never puts herself in the middle of things at the Broken J Ranch, at least not until the larger than life Hank Ballard arrives. Suddenly she’s in the thick of it as the weary builder steps in to her life in a big way. Strangely drawn to his son, Fiona soon finds herself deeply attracted to the man himself. Hank Ballard, worn down after trying to eke out a living in the big city while single handedly raising his small son, is shocked to discover that no one seemed to be expecting him at the one place he had been assured would be a safe haven for himself and his boy. Arriving early in the middle of a snow flurry he discovers that only one person seems to be willing or able to welcome him to the big ranch and Fiona’s kindness to both him and his son works its way in to his tired, world weary heart. But will miscommunication, false expectations and a lack of understanding of the workings of the heart keep them apart?

A Sweet Historical Western Romance.


Book Three: The Cattleman's Daughters 


 Things aren’t always as they appear.Clayton Allen is a man with a secret, one he clings to making it possible to control his rage. After being cheated out of his ancestral Florida home, he strikes out on his own hoping to find a place to start over and thinks the Broken J might just give him a start. But how long can he hold his mask of teasing dandy in place before everyone knows him for who he truly is?Muiread (Meg) James, romantic and dreamy longs for the excitement of the big city. Her head is so full of thoughts of tall, dark and handsome heroes, that when confronted with the real thing her pride threatens to destroy them both. Her fiery temper and Penny Dreadful dreams of chivalry will toss her straight into a situation that might not only be her undoing but may demolish the trust of the Broken J.Will two people determined to best the other finally hear the call of a wandering heart and be joined together or will they be shattered by the impact of wills?

A Sweet, if tempting, Historical Western Romance. 



CathleenCompanion Book One: The Cattleman's Daughters

Granting her father's dying wish Cathleen accepts a proposal as a mail-order-bride only to discover once she reaches Casper Wyoming that her prospective groom is not pleased with her appearance and leaves her at the train station with no idea where to go. Benjamin Smith hasn't felt the need for romance since he was a young man. He's been busy helping his best friend build the Broken J into a prosperous ranch; a legacy for the James daughters who have been his family. At least until he sees the stunning woman standing alone at the train depot in Casper. Drawn together out of necessity Ben and Cathleen have to overcome their own misconceptions and insecurities if they ever hope to find their happily ever after.

The Redemption of Rachel
Davrum Deeks, the longtime blacksmith of the Broken J Ranch knows there’s a darker side to every town but has seldom been confronted with it. Living far from any real civilization for so long he’s almost forgotten the pain humans can inflict on their own kind. At least until he comes face to face with a fallen woman in a dark alley.
No longer wanted by society's lowest establishments Dusty Ray is left for dead in a cold dark back street in Casper Wyoming, and knows she has come to the end of the line. It will only be a matter of time before it’s all over and she welcomes the relief of death, as she huddles for warmth among the refuse and detritus of a growing town. When two strong hands suddenly grasp and lift her from her mire she tries to resist, but is too weak to fight back as the old man carries her off for his own.
Seeking only to save a forgotten soul, can Deeks uncover the girl who was once called Rachel or will she always retreat behind the granite wall that blocks her off from the rest of the world?

Isabella Book Four:The Cattleman's Daughters


Sweet, independent, and adventurous Isabella James believes in happy ever after endings. Growing up in the wide open spaces of the Broken J ranch she's always taken her freedom for granted, never giving her actions or attire much thought.
Arriving in Wyoming with his brother, Taylor Ogden is smitten immediately on entering the compound of the Broken J ranch, by the twin with the sparkling eyes. He's head over heels in no time at all and not afraid to admit it.
Drawn together by a mutual attraction will the two sweethearts be pulled apart by their assumptions of gender roles or destroyed by an insidious danger lurking just out of sight? Together can they find the courage to be
who they’re truly meant to be?

Alexis Book Five: The Cattleman's Daughter


Reginald Ogden is a simple farmer with quiet ways and a keen, analytical mind but will he be able to use reason to explain the strange feelings building in his heart or will he need a little help?
Alexis James was the first of Joshua’s daughters to put two and two together, figuring out that her father’s sudden interest in new ranch hands had less to do with work on the Broken J Ranch and more to do with his daughter’s futures. Serious and thoughtful she lives for learning and her twin sister, but when Issy quickly marries one of the brothers who arrive to help grow wheat on the Wyoming prairie she finds herself set adrift and confused by this thing called love.
a mutual loneliness and shared interest adds
up to more than simple friendship.

Mae Book Six: The Cattleman's Daughters.

Vivacious and full of life Mae finds it difficult to adjust to the strictures of life in the big city society of Boston. Although fascinated by the rugged coastline and the strange ways of her aunt and her friends Mae misses her home and family in Wyoming.
 Estranged from her cousin Sean, who traveled with her to study, she endeavors to master the routine of a high society lady.  Determined not to let circumstances dampen her enthusiasm for life, it isn't long until she's smack-dab in the middle of her own adventure and making new friends.
 Reese Middleton has always taken wealth and privileged for granted, but has grown bored with the constant indulgent party life-style he and his friends are accustomed to. Wishing to see his sister settled in a good situation he is only biding his time until he can leave it all behind, but when he meets the unconventional Mae James, on the very day she saves his sister's life boredom turns to intrigue.




Sean's Secret Heart:

Only two more weeks and Sean Blakely will be headed back to his beloved Wyoming. All he has to do now is study hard and pass his exams.  Life in the big city has taken its toll and his spirit longs for the wide-open spaces of the prairie. Barring any distractions, he’ll be home free.
For three years the young mountain man has done his best to live up to everyone’s expectations, so when a slim young woman in a hideous yellow bonnet, steps through his door seeking help he doesn’t have the heart to turn her away.
Virginia Freeman finds herself once more lost and alone in the big city. Dismissed from two jobs, with respectable families, due to malicious lies she turns to the last person she can still call friend. But as her simple plea for help turns into a scandalous situation, circumstances take Ginny and Sean down a path neither one expects to end well.


Melissa Middleton has cut her eye teeth on the machinations of Boston's high society. She is used to getting what she wants when she wants it so why for the past two years has the one thing she wants the most alluded her?
Cathal Oisin McHain is a back street brawler who has been given a second chance to use his brains instead of his fist. He is determined to show his boss his worth and to stay out of trouble while providing a better life for his little sister in their new American home.
Can a man used to settling his problems with brute force really make it in a new world or will his past catch up to him and steal away his one chance at happiness?
Melissa's spunky spirit and Carl's braveheart combined with some good old horse sense may prove to be the only way to save them both.

The Love and Loss of Joshua James

Joshua James, the patron of the Broken J Ranch, has watched his family grow with each passing year adding to the joy, laughter, and heartache of a life well spent. Entering his twilight years Joshua’s mind often turns back to the love and loss that has molded him and been the making of the Broken J Ranch.

As a young man, Joshua was a dreamer by nature. He looked to the west to provide for his growing family, but heartache and loss turned his world upside down, changing and reshaping him into something new.

Join him as he shares the early years of faith, hope and determination with the family he loves

Sweet Annie

Since childhood, Annabell Blakely has longed to follow in the footsteps of her personal hero Susan La Flesche Picotte and train as a physician to better serve the native people of Wyoming. Little does she know how difficult and draining her ambitions would become.

Hazen Crane is set to follow in his father's footsteps but has little interest in the life of a politician. He's far more interested in enjoying the wild side of life with his college friends and tormenting the pretty young girl he teases by shortening her name to Annie.

Neither Annabelle or Hazen know that fate will conspire against their plans placing them on a path where they must depend on and trust one another to survive.

Joan: Companion Book 7 The Cattleman's Daughters

As a the new century turns bringing brighter hope, fantastic wonders, and new developments, Joan Mason finds herself still living in the past. Orphaned at a young age and soon to turn eighteen she must find a way to make a living but hopes for a new life, even in the brave new world of the burgeoning twentieth-century she finds herself with little recourse but to reply to the dwindling call for a mail order bride. With new fears rising at every turn she sets off to what will most surely be a life of drudgery and despair.
Big, awkward and kind, Eric Ballard wishes for a chance to meet that special someone to build a life with. After watching his parents, aunts and uncles each find love his heart is full of dreams for that perfect relationship but as he shoulders more and more of the burden of working the fields at the Broken J Ranch, he has little time to entertain the notion of courting. Confiding only in his mother, he writes to a mail order bride agency trusting that his dreams will come true.
Can two people coming from vastly different upbringings find love amidst the love, laughter, and even loss of a family that has grown to overflowing even the great Wyoming prairie, or will they simply live as strangers in a house that can never be a home?

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